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Youth Culture in Late Modernity

Youth Culture in Late Modernity

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December 1994 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Poised between the commercialism of mass consumption and a questioning of prevailing social norms, youth cultures offer a fascinating insight into the social and cultural state of Western societies. This innovative collection provides a lively exploration of such cultures, with all their implicit ironies and contradictions, at the end of the twentieth century.

Highlighting the current forms of expression - music, style, fashion, entertainment - and the richness of youth culture's historical and contemporary variety, the contributors address key issues including: why young people are seen as at risk from popular culture; how late modernity affects changing shifts in gender relations; how young people relate to texts, from the literary to the the transgressive; and how the young construct alternative social spheres and symbolic forms.

Youth Culture in Late Modernity outlines the range of approaches to understanding youth culture and subculture and their relations to, or differences from, popular and high culture.

Johan Fornäs
Youth, Culture and Modernity
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it}ethius
The History of High and Low Culture
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it]ethius
Youth, the Media and Moral Panics
Bo Reimer
The Media in Public and Private Spheres
Hillevi Ganetz
The Shop, the Home and Femininity as a Masquerade
Sabina Holstein-Beck
Consistency and Change in the Lifeworld of Young Women
Bo Reimer
Youth and Modern Lifestyles
Ulf Bo[e with an umlaut above it]ethius
Controlled Pleasures
Youth and Literary Texts


`Makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the changing face of "youth culture" in what has come to be known as the "late modern" or "postmodern" age' - Young People Now

`A scholarly text. It is firmly anchored historically and presents a range of informed theoretical perspectives.... [an] important contribution to the debate about the changing face of `youth culture', and the broadening ground on which it needs to be explored' - Reviewing Sociology

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