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Working with Parents

Working with Parents
A Guide for Education Professionals

September 2008 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This book would be excellent for anyone thinking of taking on the role of home/support worker or someone already in this post who would like to refresh their ideas and views. The book would also be of interest to those who want further insight into the complex role of the home/support worker' - Nasen's Special

'This book uses case studies across a range of ages to give practical advice on best practice when working with children and their parents in conjunction with other professionals….[T]he book contains much value to both class teachers and headteachers' - Headteacher Update

'This realistic and wide-ranging book supports the work of a growing number of school-based support staff' - Extended Schools Update

'This book helpfully covers the broad range of issues that home-school workers are likely to negotiate on a day to day basis. They give a realistic account of the challenges of working with parents from a school context, outlining a range of approaches, interventions, case studies and information to help practitioners provide effective support.' - Jo Hook, Transition Information Sessions (TIS) Consultant - Family and Parenting Institute

With the opening of Children's Centres and the implementation of the Every Child Matters agenda, multi-agency working is now a reality. This book will provide advice and guidance on successful strategies to employ when working with parents and interdisciplinary staff.

Using case studies to illustrate best practice across a range of age groups, the book looks at strategies for dealing with the effects of the following issues on children:

o domestic violence

o bereavement and loss

o learning difficulties and special educational needs

o neglect and poverty

o anger and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

o addictions within the family.

There is advice on working directly with children and examples are cited from children from 0 to 19.

This book is an essential read for all those involved in the education and care of children.

Working with Parents
Domestic Violence
Bereavement and Loss
Special Educational Needs: Learning Difficulties
Neglect and Poverty
Anger and Social, Emotional and Behaviour Needs
Coping with Addictions within the Family
Working Directly With Children
Moving Forward

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Professor Raquel Plotka
Social Science Div, Marymount Manhattan College
October 22, 2012

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