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Work Psychology and Organizational Behaviour

Work Psychology and Organizational Behaviour
Managing the Individual at Work

April 1991 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This illuminating and incisive textbook traces the development of work psychology and organizational behaviour from the early twentieth century to the present day. Far from being a conventional history of ideas, it is a demonstration of how each emerging school of thought has reflected the search for solutions to particular management problems, within specific social, political and economic contexts. Its primary focus is the relations among knowledge, power and practice.

Hollway deftly documents the key developments in the field, from scientific management and industrial psychology, through the human relations movement, to such current concerns as organizational culture, leadership and human resources management. She examines their production within particular conditions and power structures. She charts the impact of each trend upon the emergence of new management tools, work practices and ways in which employee regulation is attempted. The book concludes with a projection of the likely future development of work psychology and organizational behaviour in the light of current changes in work and employer-employee relations.

Work Psychology and Organizational Behaviour will be essential reading for teachers, students and practitioners in occupational psychology, organizational behaviour, industrial and organizational sociology, personnel and human resources management and public administration.

Scientific Management and the Task Idea
Precursors of Industrial Psychology

Human Factors
Fitting the Worker to the Job
The Use of Psychometric Tests for Selection

Hawthorne and the Emergence of Human Relations
Motivating Employees
Human Relations Training and Job Satisfaction

Organizational Change and Development
Organizational Culture
The Future of Work and Organizational Psychology

Very good and would recommend

Mr Alan Searle
Psychology , Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
February 27, 2015

While somewhat dated this provides a critical review of organisational psychology which is a good discursive starting point for introducing the topic to students. It is a more European/UK perspective but needs additional topics as well.

Dr Malcolm Cook
Division of Psychology, University of Abertay, Dundee
August 24, 2012

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