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Women in the Indian National Movement

Women in the Indian National Movement
Unseen Faces and Unheard Voices, 1930-42

First Edition

February 2006 | 308 pages | SAGE India
This book examines the participation of the women of North India in the Indian nationalist movement, portraying how women's lives were significantly affected and reshaped by their involvement in the freedom struggle.

The author discusses how women's participation in this mass movement was encouraged by `the domestication of the public sphere' so that they could enter the public domain without being alienated from their domestic lives. She argues that the raised consciousness engendered by women's participation in the freedom struggle paved the way for a gradually evolving idea of women's emancipation.

Theoretical Engagements and Disengagements
Political Environment in India
Private Values and Public Lives
The Domestication of Public Participation

The Colonial Prison
Politicisation of the Domestic Sphere
Re-negotiating the Boundaries of Identity and Domesticity

"Among the most valuable contributions this book makes is its attention to regional diversity and specificity. Thapar-Bjorkert succeeds in making visible new dimensions of women's participation in twentieth century India nationalism. She also manages to capture women's memories in the nationalist struggle in a variety of discursive forms- including heretofore unpublished poetry that adds both a lyrical and elegiac dimension to histories of the period."

Antoinette Burton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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