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Western European Penal Systems

Western European Penal Systems
A Critical Anatomy

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September 1995 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This unique and original textbook offers undergraduates and interested professionals a much-needed description of how the penal system, including both prisons and alternatives to custody, is organized in eight major Western European countries.

Each chapter provides readers with a critical anatomy and empirical overview of the full range of penal sanctions used in each country and an analysis of how these sanctions are implemented. Using statistical data which are not widely available, contributors examine the nature of the penal population in relation to sentencing, to its class, gender and racial composition and to the nature of the offences for which individuals have been confined.

While highlighting several common trends in penal policy and strategy across Europe and seeking to assess to what extent these commonalities are being generated by the wider process of political integration, Western European Penal Systems also demonstrates that each of the eight countries has to an important extent its own culture of punishment which is constantly being reinterpreted and reworked.

Joe Sim, Vincenzo Ruggiero and Mick Ryan
Punishment in Europe
Perceptions and Commonalities

Ren[ac]e van Swaaningen and Gerard de Jonge
The Dutch Prison System and Penal Policy in the 1990s
From Humanitarian Paternalism to Penal Business Management

Vincenzo Ruggiero
Flexibility and Intermittent Emergency in the Italian Penal System
Ermanno Gallo
The Penal System in France
From Correctionalism to Managerialism

Mick Ryan and Joe Sim
The Penal System in England and Wales
Round Up the Usual Suspects

Claudius Messner and Vincenzo Ruggiero
The Penal System between Past and Future

Roberto Bergalli
The Spanish Attempt to Build a Democratic Criminal Justice System
Karen Leander
The Normalization of Swedish Prisons
Mike Tomlinson
Imprisoned Ireland

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