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Transnational Media and Contoured Markets

Transnational Media and Contoured Markets
Redefining Asian Television and Advertising

First Edition

June 2006 | 268 pages | SAGE India
In a world increasingly polarising into media-rich and media-poor nations, the rapid spread of satellite and cable television has triggered a vigorous debate on the globalisation of media and markets. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, media and communications technologies have been converging at an unprecendented pace worldwide. Transnational Media and Contoured Markets brings a multi-faceted perspective to bear on the transformation of the broadcast and advertising industries in Asia at the turn of the century.

Drawing on case studies of satellite and cable channels across South, Southeast and Northeast Asia, the author argues that the globalisation of the media and advertising can only be understood within the broader context of economic, political, social and cultural processes within nation states, subnational regions and transborder ethnic communities. Additionally, this book raises the deeper socio-ethical issues of relentless globalisation for developing countries and transnational economies worldwide.
Emergence and Divergence
Mediating Globalization
Cloning StarTV
Demarcating Nationality
Targeting Markets
Advertising Transposed
Relativity of Globality
Strategy Paradoxes
Transending the Boundaries

The book is an important contribution to understanding transition media in the context of globalising advertising. The book would be most useful for advertising practitioners and media planners, as well as to scholars undertaking research in the field of media globalization and advertising.

Asian Journal of Social Sciences

A really valuable contribution to the field of study…. The book provides an excellent analysis of changes in the media in Asia in the 1990s and explores the process of globalization in advertising as characterized by a hybrid of global and customized strategies.

Media Asia

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