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Transitional Puzzles

Transitional Puzzles
Reflections on Social, Economic and Political Issues

First Edition

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Development Economics

January 2009 | 304 pages | SAGE India
Transitional Puzzles: Reflections on Social, Economic and Political Issues is a collection of essays on India. Remarkable for its jargon-free clarity, the book is intended for the common man who seeks to understand the India he lives in. The articles offer simple analysis of complex policies, dealing with varied and vast issues such as values in a shifting Indo-Western scenario, education and industry in times of political changes, sustainable growth, industrialization and social reconstruction, alternative economic order, higher education in India, Gandhism, human values, and Indian democracy. The discourse also introduces original concepts such as Life-World and Neo-Radicalism.

This collection will be an invaluable source of knowledge for a wide readership; the average informed reader will find the content most enriching. Besides, it will also hold the interest of those involved in the studies of Sociology, Politics and Economics.

Our Ever-Increasing Family
Unity Today
Transitional Puzzles
Economics of Urban Agglomerations
Sustainable Growth
Industrialisation and Social Reconstruction
Beyond the Short Run
The Great Transition
Towards an Alternative Economic Order
New Perspectives of Economic Development
Democracy, Rural Reconstruction and Humanism
Higher Education in India: A Dilemma
Education, Science and Economic Development
Tagore's Philosophy of Education
Power of Religion
Ambedkar: A Rebel with a Cause
On Gandhism
What Gandhi meant by God
Kumarappa's Critique of High Industrialisation
Life world: Private and Public Domains
Beyond the Clash of Civilisations
The Problem of Corruption
Atheistic Idolatry
The Decline of Communism
Reason, Revolution and Social Progress
The Limits of Hedonism
Beyond the Welfare State
The Future of India's Polity
People's Power
The Spirit of Indian Democracy
Quest for the Ideal
A New Radicalism
Socialism Reviewed
The Liberal Approach
A Finer Humanism

The sheer breadth of the collection will provide insightful material for readers involved in social, political and economic studies.

South Asia Research

This is the work of a roving mind that is bound to engage anyone interested in the wide expanse of issues confronting the developing world on its march towards industrialisation.

Business India

The book touches upon a number of issues, ideas and institutions at the global level with a special outlook towards India. It discusses the important issues in bits and pieces without going into jugglery of scientific terms and statistical formulations.


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