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The Women’s War

The Women’s War
A Female Soldier’s Account of Her Time in Afghanistan

First Edition

October 2020 | 288 pages | YODA Press SAGE Select
The Women's War is the gripping true story of a Danish female soldier's tours to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009. There she comes into contact with the Afghan women who are fighting against oppression, domestic violence and the horror regime of the Taliban, and together they initiate a covert collaboration. The women receive the necessary aid to establish dressmaking rooms, beauty salons, chicken farms and other projects while being aware of the fact that the international military forces are their only chance to get rid of the Taliban. 

The Women's War emerged out of the friendships built by a soldier with Afghan women who helped the international military forces in unexpected ways. It is a book by a woman in the armed forces about what war does to women, about the looming risk of taking chances in wartime and about grief over fallen friends, but more importantly, it is about how women in one instance found the will to not only survive but to make something out of the terrible conditions that war brings.
Nargiss and the Guns
PART I From Home to Helmand
The First Patrol
Taliban Land
The Desert Sea
The Girls’ Room
Two Women of Gereshk
Suicide and Poverty
The Widow of Lashkar Gah
The Taliban Project
The Day We Became Mortal
Gary’s Bomb Office
In the Doghouse
The Second Women’s Shura
Glass Beads and Arms from Iran
Women and the Law
Unfinished Business
The Third Shura
Called Home
Hercules 210 to Bastion
Goodbye, Nargiss
The Last Patrol
Thank the Mothers
PART II Through the Glass Doors
Don’t Rock the Boat
Men of the Future
Radio in a Box
A Helping Hand
The Clinic
Gary and the Governor
The Town at the Crossing
The Road to Kandahar
Journalists on the Warpath
Seeds of Terror
Spinning in a Burka
The Money Game
The Mayor and the Journalist
Democracy and Fear
All Change
A Prayer for Gulaley
Helmand and Home

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