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The Indian Media Business

The Indian Media Business

Fourth Edition
Critical Acclaim

November 2013 | 484 pages | SAGE Response
The Indian Media Business, Fourth Edition gives you detailed analysis, perspective and information on eight segments of the media business in India—print, TV, film, radio, music, digital, outdoor, and events. It presents the business history, current dynamics, regulation, economics, technology, valuations, case studies, trends (Indian and global) and a clear sense of how the business operates. This book is a must-read for media professionals, students and for those planning to invest in the Indian media and entertainment business.

The outstanding feature of the fourth edition is a new chapter on digital media—arguably, the first ever look at digital media from a comprehensive business perspective. This looks at everything from history to business dynamics and the major issues digital media faces in India.

This edition tackles regulation with more detail than any of the previous ones. There is one large case study on the quality of regulation in India and several caselets such as the ones on copyright law, defamation law and how it works for social media.

This edition also contains more caselets than the previous editions. There are caselets on the changes in readership methodology, on the trouble with news broadcasting and on the rising power of Hindi newspapers and the impact of digital on both print and TV among others.
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The Future of Indian Media
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‘A well researched guide to the difficult yet dynamic terrain of the Indian media business.’

The Financial Express

‘This best-selling book presents a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the Indian media industry.’

The Times of India

‘This book presents a comprehensive history and up-to-date analysis of the Indian media industry.’


‘This book provides the business history, technology, valuation norms, and industry trends in print, television, radio, internet, out-of-home media and events-not covered by any business books so far.’

The Pioneer

‘A must read for media professionals and for anyone planning to invest in the Indian media and entertainment business.’

Free Press Journal

‘This book combines data with rigorous analysis to offer a complete introduction to the media scenario in India.’

The Hindustan Times

‘The result of Vanita Kohli’s diligent labour is evident in the book—it has a very exhaustive account of the media as they function today.’

Deccan Herald

Her tome has become a reference book for students of Indian media courses.

An essential reading for media students and professionals. Vanita Kohli-Khandekar has painstakingly updated her book with new facts and interesting details...peppered with stories of bygone times that are extremely interesting...overall, this new edition of a much-admired book is extremely riveting.
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