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The Indian Diaspora

The Indian Diaspora
Dynamics of Migration

First Edition
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May 2004 | 255 pages | SAGE India
`Jayaram provides a well-presented overview of the patterns of emigration from India, highlighting the key disciplinary perspectives and strategic approaches.... The papers provide a very valuable contribution to the literature on the Indian diaspora and are a useful addition to one's collection' - The Journal of the Royal Anthropolgical Institute

The study of Indian diaspora has emerged as a rich and variegated area of multidisciplinary research interest. This volume brings together nine seminal articles by well-known scholars which deal with the empirical reality of Indian diaspora and the theoretical and methodological issues raised by it. Between them they cover a variety of important aspects such as asocial adjustment, family change, religion, language, ethnicity and culture.

S L Sharma
N Jayaram
The Study of Indian Diaspora

S L Sharma
Perspectives on Indians Abroad
G Aurora
Process of Social Adjustment of Indian Immigrants in Britain
Chaudry M Siddique
On Migrating to Canada
The First Generation Indian and Pakistani Families in the Process of Change

Norman Buchignani
Contemporary Research on People of Indian Origin in Canada
Nasser Mustapha
The Influence of Indian Islam on Fundamentalist Trends in Trinidad and Tobago
N Jayaram
The Dynamics of Language in Indian Diaspora
The Case of Bhojpuri/Hindi in Trinidad

Ravindra K Jain
Race Relations, Ethnicity, Class and Culture
A Comparison of Indians in Trinidad and Malaysia

S R Mehta
The Uneven 'Inclusion' of Indian Immigrants in Mauritius
Yogesh Atal
Outsiders as Insiders
The Phenomena of Sandwich Culture - Prefatorial to a Possible Theory


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