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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management
An Indian Perspective

First Edition

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Human Resource Management

June 2018 | 276 pages | SAGE Response
Business organizations the world over are increasingly recognizing the potential of their human resources. Strategic human resource management emerged out of the parent discipline of human resource management emerged out of the parent discipline of human resource management with the aim of optimizing organization objectives. It emphasizes the strategic importance of formulating HR objectives. It emphasizes the strategic importance of formulating HR objectives, strategies, and policies with a view to developing the skills and abilities for the achievement of competitive advantage.

This book provides a comprehensive, contemporary, and critical review of the key issues in strategic human resource management in India. The focus is on the reality of “people management” in large, global companies. Establishing the effectiveness of strategic HRM with respect to organizational performance, the authors examine recent research as also provide case studies of companies operating in the country.
Introduction to Strategic HRM
Models of Strategic HRM
Strategic HRM in India: Emerging Dimensions
Strategic HRM in India: Understanding the Manager's perception and the Corporate World
Case Studies of Global Organizations Operating in India: The Strategic HR Perspective

The authors have presented the chapters through excellent and extensive literature review(giving appropriate  and the best work available) to capture the entire gamut of strategic HRM and its implications for sustainable competitive  advantage to organizations. These subjects are discussed in length and important issues realted to strategic  HRM are presented in lucid style for the readers benefit. The author’s efforts to illustate key strategic  HRM issues with a wide range of theoritical perpectives is highly appreciable…indeed this book is a comprehensive guide for the HR professionals… the book is thought provoking in many ways, and it provides important fundamentals for any HR professionals. The book is a very unique blend of theoretical inputs and practitioners considerations.


This book.... delves into the definition of strategic management and how prominent companies in India are applying strategic HRM to augment organizational performance.... What makes this book quite valuable is the fact that each chapter in the book ends with its objectives, key points and discussion questions.

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