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Standing Down Falling Up

Standing Down Falling Up
Asperger's Syndrome from the Inside Out

January 2002 | 134 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The author enables parents and professionals to see inside an Asperger mind. Interwoven into the text is some sound advice about the best ways of helping individuals with the syndrome. This includes some helpful 'recommendations for teaching' Asperger students, with an attached list of 'things teachers should know'. Throughout, there are poignant reminders of the author's vulnerability and the cruelty of some of her acquaintances'- British Journal of Learning for Support

`This book will be relevant to teachers, those working within FE and HE and professionals working in the field of mental health' - Educational Psychology in Practice

`This book is easy to read and one to recommend to colleagues, parents and possibly some young people with Asperger's Syndrome' - Support for Learning

`Nita's personal account of living with Asperger's Syndrome is an enlightening read. Each chapter gives a revealing insight into her personal experience and challenges of day-to-day life - Contact a Family

This book is a fascinating account of Nita Jackson's experience of Aspergers Syndrome. If you have already read Clare Sainsbury's Martian in the Playground, don't expect a similar publication.

Nita offers a personal account of her unique world:

" is she size 10 or 16?

" where does she come from?

" will she be up or down today?

The book contains personal descriptions of how Aspergers Syndrome affects the author's day-to-day life and the people around her. Nita shows off her intensely creative talent in her poetry and diary entries, which are used throughout the book. At times, this is an uncomfortable read. However, it is an essential text if you want to understand how the world looks from Nita's perspective.

Chapter 1
About Me and My Personal Opinions

Chapter 2
School, Bullying and Being Manipulated

Chapter 3
Obsession and Depression

Chapter 4
Inferiority Complexes, Confusion and Insecurity

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Not for the Faint Hearted

Chapter 7
Me Versus the Rest of Society

Chapter 8

Chapter 9
My All-Inclusive Asperger Package

Chapter 10
Social Activities


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