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Sport in the UK

Sport in the UK

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Sport in society

March 2010 | 216 pages | Learning Matters
This is a comprehensive introduction for HE students to the provision, organisation, and governance of sport in the UK. Supported by case study material, it introduces the reader to key government policies, and to the ways in which public, private and voluntary sectors provide sporting opportunities. The book focuses on issues of participation, employment, media coverage and commercialisation, and critically examines them in light of the key themes of equality and diversity. Pedagogical features – learning outcomes and learning activities – help students develop an active approach to the study of sport in the UK.
Part 1 – The strategic direction of UK Sport
Shaping the vision for sport and physical activity in the UK: the role of central government
National sports organisations and their priorities
Part 2 – Bringing the vision to life
School sport
Community Sport
Elite sport
A review of the UK sporting landscape
London 2012: issues and controversies
Part 3 - The commercial sector
Sports sponsorship
The commercial sector and sports participation
Professional sports leagues: the case of English league football
The sports broadcast market
Part 4 – The sports labour market
The sports labour market
The sports labour market: the voluntary sector
The professional athletes' labour market

This book covers almost every aspect of sport in the UK. But, theoretical analysis of UK sport needs to be added as this book is largely descriptive in nature.

Dr Jung Woo Lee
Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Health, Edinburgh University
April 24, 2012

I used this text for student readings in preparation for a number of lectures. I found it especially useful for the chapter on elite sport (Chp 5). It provides a clear description of the organisational landscape of high performance sport in a succinct format.

A feature of many of the chapters in this book is the ease with which students report being able to access the material.

Dr Abbe Brady
Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Care, Gloucestershire University
February 22, 2012

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