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School Health Services in India

School Health Services in India
The Social and Economic Contexts

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Rama V Baru - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

February 2009 | 220 pages | SAGE India
While the contribution of education to health has gained recognition, the reciprocal relationship between health and education and its outcomes have not been adequately studied. This work broadens the perspective on school health in India by locating it within the epidemiological and socio-economic context of children in the school-going age group. The collection explores the social context and programmes for school health in the country, including the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Scheme, School Health Services and School Health Education.

Studies have shown that socio-economic factors play a very important role in determining enrolment, retention, completion and learning in schools. School Health Services in India: The Social and Economic Contexts analyzes the relationship between levels of malnutrition and minor and major illnesses on the one hand, and socio-economic status, on the other. It also examines in detail the different components of the school health programme in India and how they function in different contexts. In addition, it showcases the experiences of three NGOs who have adopted innovative approaches to transact health education in government schools in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

This seminal work will be helpful to teachers and researchers working in the fields of Education and Health. It will also be immensely useful for researchers and faculty working in the areas of Social Medicine, Community Health and Social Work.

Rama V Baru
Vimala Ramachandran, Kameshwari Jandhyala and Aarti Saihjee
Through the Life Cycle of Children: Factors that Facilitate/Impede Successful Primary School Completion
Jean Dreze and Aparajita Goyal
The Future of Mid-Day Meals
Reetika Khera
Mid-Day Meals in Primary Schools: Achievements and Challenges
Meera Samson, Claire Noronha and Anuradha De
Towards more Benefits from Delhi's Mid-Day Meal Scheme
Rama V Baru
School Health Services in India: An Overview
Anu Gupta, Mohan Deshpande, R. Balasubramaniam and Anil C.
Innovations in Health Education Curriculum in Schools: Towards an 'Art of the Possible'

This timely book provides a review of the status of school services in India and offers insights into its three major components: school feeding, medical interventions and health education…School Health Services in India will be of interest to anyone who wishes to have an introduction to the subject and to those interested in practical issues with implementing such services in low-income countries.

Pacific Affairs

A very comprehensive book, with in-depth assessment, analysis and recommendations for action in critical areas of school education, health and nutrition.

Journal of Health Management

This book is likely to be of interest to policy-makers, researchers and practitioners of health and education. The book draws on primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative data to make some important observations and recommendations with regard to the social and economic contexts of school health in India.

Current Science

The attempt by the author to bring on record the state of school health services is laudable…. The book is a useful addition to the literature on school health services, not adequately covered by researchers and policy-makers.

The New Indian Express

Rama Baru provides an incisive overview of school health services tracing its history and constraints and providing useful suggestions for improvement…Theory is connected with practical activities like puppet shows, real life case studies etc.

Civil Society

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