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Salespeople Don’t Lie

Salespeople Don’t Lie

First Edition

May 2018 | 204 pages | SAGE Response

Sales malpractice accounts for huge losses in businesses worldwide. The way to bring attention to this malaise is to ensure that salespeople worldwide understand the damage this malpractice causes. This book is a mission to spread the word on how sales can be a profession that does good for customers and adds value to their lives. A salesperson can be someone who does good for the society and to every individual who needs help in making the right decision about a product they wish to purchase.

One of the basic tenets of a sales team that meets customers face-to-face is that sales grow as the relationship grows between the customer and the salesperson. Trust is the principal ingredient that keeps relationships going. When a salesperson lies, it is an assault on the very core of the relationship. Truth and transparency while hard to choose, is less painful in the long run. The book advocates using a professional sales system that facilitates sales successes in an easy and legitimate way. A robust sales system not only helps in achieving sales targets but has an overall impact on the motivation of the sales team, thereby curtailing attrition.

When you don’t fear sales, you never have to lie.

How did Salespeople Come to be?
The Door-to-Door Salesperson
The Used Car Salesperson
Sell Like Hell
The Dowry Totem Pole
Ours Not to Reason Why
Pirates of Sales: The Story of Medical Reps
More Pirates of Sales: Dumping Sales
Even More Pirates of Sales
Still More Pirates of Sales
The Heroes of Sales
Why Do Salespeople Lie?
To Be a Professional Salesperson
Who Teaches Whom to Sell?
The Sins of Our Forefathers
Understanding the Nature of a Sale
Sales is Relationship at Work
The Lonely Salesperson
Company Maketh the Man
The Devil Made Me Do It
When All Hell Breaks Loose
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Either You Don’t Know, or You Are Lying
Tainted by the Company One Keeps
Sales Malpractice
A Sales System, Really?
The Power of Discipline
What’s Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well
Freedom from Avoidable Worry
Motivation: A Bath Needed Daily
Principles of Professional Selling
Sales Teams and Unique Contributions
Know What to Pitch
Breaking Trust
Dr No
The Joy of Professional Selling
Balcony View of Sales
Evolving Into a Sales Professional
Being in the Customer’s Shoes
The Salesperson as a Servant
Handling Objection and Irate Customers
Always Diagnose Before You Prescribe
Meeting the Purchaser’s Needs
Sales Functional Needs and Personal Aspirations
Pitching It for Impact
The Professional Salesperson
Develop Your Team
Creating a Resident Faculty
Too Proud to Lie

At last we have a book that discusses the sales function honestly and introspectively. Written very engagingly, it should form a part of orientation programmes for newcomers to the profession and for students of sales management.

Rama Bijapurkar,
Author of A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India

Roshan Joseph has a unique style of presenting great concepts and ideas in an uncomplicated and practical manner. Salespeople Don’t Lie is an easy-read from start to finish and it will change the negative perception about the generic image of a salesperson, using real-life examples. It helps us to recognize the dignity and intricacies of a sales professional and the art of selling, in the right perspective. A must-read for all who like sales! 

K.G. Ramani
Head of Sales, Muscat Pharmacy, Oman

Roshan has been there and done that. The authenticity and reality comes alive. This book can be read at two levels. Firstly a serious analysis of sales processes and best practices. But it can also be read as a fun fact-filled novel of the life of the Indian salesperson. The rooming and boarding in small town India, the wholesale mandis in the metro towns, they all come alive and real. A great read. 

Kurush Grant,
Former Executive Director, ITC

Move over from ad hoc selling to professional selling and create real value for yourcompany! Salespeople Don’t Lie is a gem of a book from a true practitioner with real-life sales experience of over four decades. It lucidly weaves through innumerable sales situations with deep insight of what works and what is false. A must-read for any sales professional interested in genuinely furthering his sales career. 

Sanjeev Vohra,
Consultant, Brand Architect

Margin and market share desperation and lack of discipline and systems in sales have made sales processes an act of compromise. With a rich tapestry of relevant and relatable examples, Roshan showcases how sales is more than just selling and makes you introspect about how you are positioning yourself and your business to customers and create a sustainable sales system. 

Dr Harsha Guduru Head,
Operations, Quality and Training, One Life Home Healthcare

I have spent most of my working life in sales of one kind or another, the last 30 with the Coca-Cola Company in sales in countries from the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. This book is well and skilfully written, and I could easily relate to the contents. The book should, in my view, help all salespeople think about how they may improve their results if they go about their business as Mr Joseph suggests.

Ben J. H. Knight,
Sales Consultant, Former VP Sales, Coca-Cola Company, Japan

Roshan Joseph, who spent most of his professional career in sales and marketing, and now as a life coach for thousands of young or old salespeople, demystifies the common belief that ‘selling’ is another word for ‘lying’. Unbelievable as it may seem, the need for honesty integrates most effectively with the contemporary business environment. A must-read for today’s sales leadership.

Suvamoy Saha,
Director, Eveready Industries India Ltd, Kolkata

Roshan is not only one of those doyens of sales and marketing professionals who have seen and done it all, but he is also a great storyteller—the best way to drive home the truth to salespeople who are basically simple people at heart. He does that extremely well in these pages from the perspective of a professional who has seen the world of selling transform over the decades. 

Sandip Ranjan Ghose
Executive President (Sales, Marketing and Logistics), Birla Corporation Ltd

A thoroughly enjoyable read! Roshan has successfully charted the course to becoming an effective and truthful salesperson. The book is dotted with real-life examples, which give the reader a perspective on practical on-ground situations from various industries. It is heartening to note that salespeople can build businesses resting on skills acquired from this book. A must-read for both entry-level and middle management. 

Saugata Mitra,
Whole Time Director, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd

At last we have a book that discusses the sales function honestly and introspectively. Written very engagingly, it should form a part of orientation programmes for newcomers to the profession and for students of sales management.’

Rama Bijapurkar,
Author of A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India

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