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Unpacking issues of second-generation gender bias: A necessary topic for the leadership classroom

SAGE Authors Lisa DeFrank-Cole and Sherylle Tan headshots


Speakers: Dr. Lisa DeFrank-Cole and Sherylle J. Tan, PhD
Date: Monday, March 20

Time: 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

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Leadership researchers who initially studied gender differences questioned whether or not women could lead. With that debate settled, it is clear that many women lead quite successfully. Since then, many scholars have investigated what holds women back, especially from the most senior leader roles. Recent research shows that women are experiencing second-generation gender bias which plays a part in preventing them from attaining leadership positions.

This webinar will define second-generation gender bias and discuss the elements that can lead to it, including stereotypes about women and preferences for men as leaders. More subtle than first-generation gender bias, this type of implicit bias inadvertently benefits men while simultaneously disadvantaging women.

Scholars who research this topic state that one of the ways to combat gender bias is to educate women and men about the subtle preferences that continue to give men the advantage in leadership. This session will be an opportunity to assist educators in beginning discussions about gender bias in leadership classrooms.

Lisa DeFrank-Cole and Sherylle J. Tan are co-authors of Women and Leadership: Journey Toward Equity.


What’s Congress Really Like? Student Q&A with Rep. Maxwell Frost, Congress’s Youngest Member.

SAGE Authors Casey Burgat and Charlie Hunt with Rep. Maxwell Frost headshots


Speakers: Casey Burgat, Charlie Hunt, & Rep. Maxwell Frost 
Date: Monday, April 3

Time: 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour

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Instructors and their students are invited to take part in an exclusive conversation with Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL), the youngest member of Congress and first member of Generation Z to serve. Rep. Maxwell will answer your questions and bust some myths about how Congress works; help us understand how policymaking happens (or doesn't happen); and provide his perspective on the divisions between the parties—including whether we're as divided as we think. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Casey Burgat (George Washington University) and Dr. Charlie Hunt (Boise State University), authors of the new Sage/CQ textbook Congress Explained: Representation and Lawmaking in the First Branch. The focus of this event will be on student engagement with an emerging leader in Congress; as a result, we sincerely hope instructors will invite their students not only to watch the event live, but to submit their questions that the moderators can pose to Rep. Frost.

Casey Burgat and Charlie Hunt are co-authors of Congress Explained: Representation and Lawmaking in the First Branch.