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SAGE Publishing and AACSB

business research and societal impact

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Research That Matters: An Action Plan for Creating Business School Research that Positively Impacts Society


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Teaching DEI Through Case Studies


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Topic: Enriching the B-School Classroom by Partnering with Socially Innovative Enterprises

Description: This session focused on the growing importance of social enterprises of all sizes—from certified B Corps to LC3s to social startups to socially responsible investing and more—and how educators can build connections with these companies to enrich the business curriculum for their students.

A panel of academics and editors from SAGE came together to discuss approaches to both building bridges from the classroom to the enterprises as to how to leverage these relationships to help create impactful curriculum, such as case studies, from these relationships.

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Empowering Socially Responsible Future Leaders (with Blaise Simqu, CEO of SAGE Publishing & Barbara Ritter, Dean of the Davis College of Business, Jacksonville University)