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Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing
Challenges and Opportunities

First Edition
  • Dinesh Kumar - Faculty, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
  • Punam Gupta - Associate Professor, Dev Samaj College for Women, Chandigarh
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September 2017 | 536 pages | SAGE Texts

With 700 million prospective consumers including about 40 per cent of the country middle-income group, the sheer size of India rural market itself speaks of its huge

This new textbook discusses how the application of traditional marketing theories transforms when the ‘fourth sector’, or the emergence of social business, comes into play. Drawing from latest research, Rural Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities closely analyses two crucial components of the rural market—marketing to rural areas and empowering the ‘bottom-of-pyramid’ (BoP) markets to create successful business ventures. Written as per the prescribed curriculum of rural management and rural marketing courses offered by the major universities in India, this book goes beyond discussing just the strategies to sell products to village economies. Infused with numerous real-life case studies of companies that have ventured into the field, this book will prove to be an extremely useful resource in understanding the uniqueness, dynamics and challenges of marketing in rural areas.

Key Features:

· Rich pedagogy including opening and closing case studies, mini case studies, engaging chapter-end exercises and project assignments

· Inclusion of references to recent research data, important journal articles and videos for classroom teaching

· Comprehensive overview of the future of rural marketing through BoP approach, social enterprises and use of big data

Foreword by Payson E. Johnston
Part I The Rural Market
Introduction to Rural Marketing
The Rural Market
The Rural Consumer
Part II Strategies for Rural Marketing
Rural Marketing Strategy
Marketing Approach and Rural Research
Distribution Channels for Rural Areas
Pricing and Marketing Communication in Rural Markets
Part III Marketing for Rural Areas
Marketing of Agricultural Produce
Internet and Communication Technology in Rural Marketing
Management of Sales Force in Rural Marketing
Future of Rural Marketing

Agricultural research has so far concentrated on the supply side. But while a number of research institutes contribute to the science of agricultural production, what happens to the output thereafter has been neglected. Yet, rural marketing is an extremely important area which can benefit from marketing theory and practice to reduce waste and increase efficiency of distribution of farm produce. This is the first book that talks about rural marketing not only in terms of supply of manufactured products to villages but also in terms of reforming and empowering villages through efficiency in agricultural distribution and marketing. The coverage, both in the text and in the huge number of cases, is amazing. I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best book on the subject and will be of immense use for agricultural and rural management institutes. 

Vinod Mittal Chairman,
Dolphin (PG) College of Science and Agriculture, Chandigarh

Marketers since the first decade of the liberalization of the Indian economy have realized the importance of rural markets for growth. This renewed interest on rural markets has led to a number of books on the subject. Most of them create an impression that rural consumers are waiting for the marketers to arrive and to sell them goods. Whereas, the fact is that these markets need to be carefully nurtured before they yield any success. There has always been a need for a book that would provide a holistic and realistic view of the subject and not reduce it to the marketing of ‘soaps and shampoos’ to them. This book takes a fresh look at the subject and provides a rounded view by incorporating the developmental aspects of rural marketing and providing cases of enlightened rural marketing. 

Pratik Modi
Associate Professor of Marketing Institute of Rural Management, Anand

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