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RSS and Gandhi

RSS and Gandhi
The Idea of India

January 2022 | 352 pages | SAGE India
RSS and Gandhi: The Idea of India analyses the ideas of Gandhi and the RSS to understand how and where they converge on and diverge from each other in key questions that India continues to debate even today. The discourse on Gandhi and the RSS encompasses a fascinating debate in social, civilizational, cultural, political and religious questions which affianced the Indian minds towards nation building, both before and after independence. This book also examines their positions on issues and themes, where they may seem standing on the same page but reflect a tangential dispersion regarding means and methods. It discounts and dispels the predominant view that Gandhi and the RSS are diametrically opposed in their ideas on India and the Indian nation.
Gandhi and RSS on Indian Nation
Reflections on Hinduism
Response to Religious Conversion in India
Reforming Hindu Social Order: Caste and Untouchability Questions
Search for a National Language in India
In Defence of Cow Protection
Swadeshi: Beyond Economic Reconstruction of India
Hindu--Muslim Relations and Minority Questions
Critique of Western Industrial Civilization

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