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Statistical Methods for the Social and Behavioural Sciences


David B. Flora

A comprehensive survey of the major statistical methods for modelling data


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"Life-changing for me as a management practitioner and academic researcher"
Cristine Margaret R. Atienza
President and Founder, Institute for Integrality, Inc.

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Statistical Methods for the Social & Behavioural Sciences, (Dec 2017)

Statistical methods in modern research increasingly entail developing, estimating and testing models for data. Rather than rigid methods of data analysis, the need today is for more flexible methods for modelling data.

In this logical, easy-to-follow and exceptionally clear book, David Flora provides a comprehensive survey of the major statistical procedures currently used. His innovative model-based approach teaches you how to:

  • Understand and choose the right statistical model to fit your data
  • Match substantive theory and statistical models
  • Apply statistical procedures hands-on, with example data analyses
  • Develop and use graphs to understand data and fit models to data
  • Work with statistical modeling principles using any software package
  • Learn by applying, with input and output files for R, SAS, SPSS, and Mplus available to download.






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David B. Flora is Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods at the Faculty of Health, York University, Canada.




"An excellent resource for researchers. Each chapter builds upon the next in a logical progression. The use of examples throughout, particularly having datasets available online so you can follow-along yourself, ensures understanding. The structure of the individual chapters is so helpful, particularly the chapter summaries and annotated selections for recommended readings. It’s a text I can see myself referring to frequently in the future."

Caroline Barnes, PhD, RPsych



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