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Readings in Indian Sociology

Readings in Indian Sociology
Volume X: Pioneers of Sociology in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Ishwar modi - President, Indian Sociological Society, Director, India International Institute of Social Sciences, Jaipur

Series Editor: Ishwar Modi

Volume: 10
Other Titles in:
Sociology (General)

December 2013 | 364 pages | SAGE India
It is through the contributions of the pioneering scholars that not only a particular discipline derives its name but also the foundations on which a particular discipline is built and grows. G.S. Ghurye (1893–1983), Radhakamal Mukerjee (1889–1968), D.P. Mukerji (1894–1961) and M.N. Srinivas (1916–1999) are known as the pioneers of sociology in India. It is mainly on them and on their contributions that the contemporary sociologists in India have extensively published in the issues of the Sociological Bulletin. Volume 10, Pioneers of Sociology in India, contains a selection of papers that have been published since 1977on these founding fathers of Sociology in India.
Series Note
Yogendra Singh
Ishwar Modi
Swapan Kumar Pramanick
Historical Evolutionary Approach in the Sociology of G. S. Ghurye
C N Venugopal
G.S. Ghurye on Culture and Nation-Building
Carol Upadhya
The Hindu Nationalist Sociology of G.S. Ghurye
T K Oommen
Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the Nation: Situating G. S. Ghurye
Ramkrishna Mukherjee
Radha Kamal Mukerjee - A Note
T N Madan
Radhakamal Mukerjee and His Contemporaries: Founding Fathers of Sociology in India
Manish K Thakur
Radhakamal Mukerjee and the Quest for an Indian Sociology
P C Joshi
Lucknow School of Economics and Sociology and its Relevance To-day: Some Reflections
T N Madan
Dialectic of Tradition and Modernity in the Sociology of D. P. Mukerji
T N Madan
D. P. Mukerji 1894-1961: A Centenary Tribute
Dalia Chakrabarti
D.P. Mukerji and the Middle Class in India
Sujata Patel
On Srinivas’s ‘Sociology’
A M Shah
M.N. Srinivas, Max Weber, and Functionalism
T K Oommen
Disjunctions between Field, Method and Concept: An Appraisal of M.N. Srinivas
Ananta Kumar Giri
On M.N. Srinivas and Indian Sociology: The Challenge of Understanding Indian Society: Critique, Generosity, and Transformations
Appendix of Sources

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