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Race and Society

Race and Society

First Edition

November 2016 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Race and Society is a thoughtful and critically engaging exploration of some of the key issues around race and racialisation, which have arisen in what is considered to be a highly diverse and complex society.

With a progressive approach emphasising the social construction of race issues within a post-racial era, moving away from essentialist and polarized explanations of raced interaction, Tina Patel:

  • Introduces the main concepts and key theories, including their post-developments.
  • Focuses on the processes and impact of racial categorisation in contemporary society. 
  • Highlights the intersectional and multifaceted nature of race and related conceptualizations.
  • Illustrates how race has morphed into newer forms of categorizations.

Race and Society is packed with topical examples and international case studies to engage students, along with chapter summaries, study questions and further reading. It's a highly readable and thought-provoking guide to the study of race and racialisation processes for students of sociology, criminology and related disciplines.

Categorizing Race
Understanding Society
Representations of Race
Identity and the Place of Race
The Other 'Isms'
Masking Racism in Society
Race in Social Institutions and Organizations
Human Rights, Equality and Legislation
Researching Race and Society

Sample Materials & Chapters

Race and Society: Categorising Race

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