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Quest for Exceptional Leadership

Quest for Exceptional Leadership
Mirage to Reality

Second Edition
  • Ravi Chaudhry - Chairman, CeNext Consulting & Investment Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

September 2016 | 296 pages | SAGE Response

Widely acclaimed as a contemporary masterpiece, this book is a discerning analysis of the leadership vacuum that pervades the world. It outlines how leaders today can reach the summit of exceptional leadership by re-discovering the leadership traits that lie dormant within them. This 2nd edition is profoundly enriched by two new additions—a new preface: Why we Have Fewer Good Leaders, and a postscript: Persistent Doubts; Perennial Questions. The innovative concepts that are already a part of the new leadership folklore—Four-Quadrant Matrix of Choice; Five Circles of Leadership Attitudes; Triple Top Line of Joy, Peace and Contentment and The Journey from Base Camp Leadership Traits to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership—have all been thoroughly updated with many inspiring insights that leave a lasting imprint on the reader.

Preface to the Second Edition: Why We Have Fewer Good Leaders
Preface to the First Edition: Crack of Dawn for Responsible Leadership
Reinventing Leadership: Seven Prime Realities of Business Today
Seven Allies to Catalyze Change: Accelerating Momentum for Social Consciousness in Business
Five Phases of Human Enterprise: Contours of the New Fifth Phase: Re-defining Criteria of Success
Emergence of Triple Bottom Line Approach: Results Belie Expectations
Making the Right Choice: Overcoming Obstacles to Conscientious Choice
Discovering Triple Top Line: Of Joy, Peace and Contentment
Leadership Lessons from History: Perspectives from Egypt, India, China, Greece and Italy
Tripod of Exceptional Leadership: Base camp Leadership Traits and Journey to Summit of Exceptional Leadership
Wholeness: The First Trait of Exceptional Leadership
Compassion: The Second Trait of Exceptional Leadership
Transparency: The Third Trait of Exceptional Leadership
Exceptional Leadership in Practice: At Peace with Oneself, at Peace with the World
Epilogue: Transforming Our Destiny
Postscript for the Second Edition: Persistent Doubts; Perennial Questions
Notes and References

In Quest for Exceptional Leadership, Mr Chaudhry seeks to change the world by transforming business leaders. It is both instructive and worth exploring further – indicative of the earnestness of author’s quest for creating a better corporate world. Don Quixote did not manage to change the world but the world would be poorer if people like him did not try.

Business Standard, India

A most compelling plea for open management, a human story of values and attitude. It is a journey to get there!

Ben Verwaayen,
former CEO, Alcatel-Lucent, France

Pick of the month – a masterpiece worth reading.

CFO India

I do hope the book reaches out to enlighten the citizens of our country to the ills that are currently prevalent and help in building a better society for the coming generations.

Ratan Tata,
former Chairman, Tata Group

So compelling, the way it touches the major issues of our time and how best to change these situations. The right inspiration.

Huguette Labelle,
Chair of Transparency International

In Quest for Exceptional Leadership, Mr Chaudhry seeks to change the world by transforming business leaders. It is both instructive and worth exploring further – indicative of the earnestness of author’s quest for creating a better corporate world.

Business Standard, India

The book has been widely acclaimed as a contemporary masterpiece… This volume is indeed a masterpiece in management literature, which everyone from the corporate sector must read to understand the kind of leadership his organization must have for sustainable growth…it is a must read for all teachers and students of management.

The Tribune,
2 April 2017

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