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Public Health in India

Public Health in India
Policy Shifts and Trends

Edited by:
  • P. M. Arathi - Assistant Professor at the School of Indian Legal Thought, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India

April 2022 | 420 pages | SAGE India
Public Health in India: Policy Shifts and Trends captures transitions in the public health debates in India from different vantage points. It marks the erosions, reflected mainly in policy changes, that have taken place at the national level in the area of public health. The analysis of selected articles attempts to understand the amnesia about the health of people that has pervaded not only the professional and the political class but also those who believe in an elitist, bio-medical perspective, limited to hi-tech interventions at the cost of a balanced view on healthcare. This volume traces the history of public health debates in India over five decades and identifies the paradigm shifts in post-Independent India through contradictory approaches by state strategies and interventions. The transition of health policies and shifts in the state’s commitment towards ‘Health for All’ form part of these debates.

The series ‘Social Change in Contemporary India’ brings together key texts published in the prestigious journal Social Change, from 1971 till present times. These writings, most of which are considered canonical, address important issues in health, education, poverty and agriculture with special focus on disadvantaged groups. These writings will help readers identify key points in the history of policymaking in India and major discourses and debates and their impact.
About the Series
Manoranjan Mohanty
P. M. Arathi
SECTION I: Political Economy of Health and Illness
Sectional Introduction
A. K. Sharma
Stratification and Mortality
Suparna Som, Manoranjan Pal and Premananda Bharati
Do Socio-economic Development and Improvement of Health Go Together? A Comparison among Indian States
K. B. Saxena
Trade in Health Services: Implications for People’s Health
Anjali Shenoi
Biomedical Research in India: Law and Ethics at Crossroads
Sharmila Borkar
Empathy in Physician-Patient Relationship: The Construct and Its Applicability to India’s Health Care
Anita Pal, Laxmi Kant Dwivedi and Dolly Kumari
Long Working Hours and the Risk of Chronic Disease
SECTION II: Questions of Women’s Health and Reproductive Justice
Sectional Introduction
Prabha Ramalingaswami
Impact of Social Change on Health Problems of Tribal Women
M. E. Khan
Productive and Reproductive Roles of Women
Indira Jai Prakash
Menopause: A Fresh Look at the Much Misunderstood Phenomenon
Sheela Saravanan
Female Infanticide in India: A Review of Literature
Shubhangi Vaidya
Women with Disability and Reproductive Rights: Deconstructing Discourses
SECTION III: Nutrition: A Social Determinant of Health
Sectional Introduction
Kamala Mankekar
Diet Habits in Rural Areas
Saumya Rastogi and Laxmi Kant Dwivedi
Child Nutritional Status in Metropolitan Cities of India: Does Maternal Employment Matter?
Imrana Qadeer, Sourindra Mohan Ghosh and Arathi Presenna Madhavan
India’s Declining Calorie Intake: Development or Distress?
K. Radhakrishna Murty
Food Security Eludes Tribals of Andhra Pradesh
SECTION IV: Malthusian Spectre and Indian Public Health History
Sectional Introduction
Kamala Gopal Rao
Policy-makers and Research in Family Planning
Rajiv Balakrishnan
Fertility and the Value of Children in Three Asian Countries: A Review of Salient Themes
Sukanya Srinivasan
Population policy and programme in India: A review

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