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Six Perspectives

July 2007 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Addressing six perspectives, this textbook offers the framework for a conceptual understanding of modern psychology. It examines the similarities and differences among basic concepts, theories, research, and practice, thereby portraying the fundamental dimensions in this multi-faceted field.
1. An Emerging Science
The Founding of Psychology

The Work of Psychology

Scope of Modern Psychology

2. Research Methods
The Research Challenge

Experimental Methods

Descriptive Methods

Analysis of the Data

3. Biological Psychology
Origins of Biological Psychology

The Nervous System

Organization of the Brain

The Cerebral Cortex

Modern Biomedical Therapy

Commentary and Critique

4. Psychoanalysis
Background of Psychoanalysis

Structure of Personality

Development of Personality

Expressions of the Unconscious

Psychoanalysis as a Therapy

Commentary and Critique

5. Behaviorism
Beginnings of Behaviorism

Classical Conditioning

Operant Conditioning

Two-Factor Theory

Behavior Modification

Commentary and Critique

6. Humanistic Psychology
Rise of Humanistic Psychology

Three Human Characteristics

Influence of Early Experience

Philosophical and Practical Issues

Person-Centered Therapy

Commentary and Critique

7. Cognitive Psychology
Foundations of Cognitive Psychology

Sensation and Perception

Processes in Memory

Thought and Language

The Cognitive Therapies

Commentary and Critique

8. Evolutionary Psychology
Roots of Evolutionary Psychology

Evolution of Sexual Behavior

Adaptations in Parenting

Dispositions in Group Living

Promoting Behavioral Change

Commentary and Critique

9. Socio-Cultural Foundations
The Inevitable Human Influence

Social Psychology

Psychology and Culture

10. Psychology and Society
Multiple Bases of Behavior

The Perspectives Revisited

Psychology in the Making


A very good resource-particulary for post grad

Dr Judith Butler
Social & General Studies Department, Cork Institute of Technology
September 25, 2012

excellent book to gain a good fundamental knowledge of the differing approaches

Teresa Johnson
Health, Social Care & Access Dept, Swindon College
September 6, 2012

Really good, easy to read - theoretical perspectives are well presented. will recommend to undergraduate social work students.

Mrs Ann Anka
Havering College of FE & HE, Havering College of Further and Higher Education
March 10, 2011

This is a very good back. If I had the time I would have added it to essential reading. Very good and easy to read.

Ms Lynette Lee-Messenger
Social Policy, Havering College of Further and Higher Education
October 12, 2010

Excellent overview of competing theoretical approaches.

Dr Lisa Osbeck
Psychology Dept, University of West Georgia
September 8, 2010

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