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Psychology and Postmodernism

Psychology and Postmodernism

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October 1992 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This groundbreaking book is the first to explore the implications of postmodernist ideas for psychology. It examines central themes of postmodernism as they relate to psychology - for example, the nature of the self, locally situated rather than universal knowledge and the pivotal role of language in social life.

The contributors outline the new possibilities for psychology, setting theoretical reformulations alongside implications for psychological practice and method. The book presents critique as well as support for postmodern perspectives, from feminist critique of postmodern `deconstruction' to argument with the usefulness of sharp distinctions between a `modern' and `postmodern' psychology.

Steinar Kvale
From the Archaeology of the Psyche to the Architecture of Cultural Landscapes

Kenneth J Gergen
Toward a Postmodern Psychology
Steinar Kvale
Postmodern Psychology
A Contradiction in Terms?

John Shotter
`Getting in Touch'
The Meta-Methodology of a Postmodern Science of Mental Life

Mike Michael
Postmodern Subjects
Towards a Transgressive Social Psychology

Patti Lather
Postmodernism and the Human Sciences
Paul Richer
An Introduction to Deconstructionist Psychology
Lars L[/]ovlie
Postmodernism and Subjectivity
Neil Young
Postmodern Self-Psychology Mirrored in Science and the Arts
Donald E Polkinghorne
Postmodern Epistemology of Practice
Louis A Sass
The Epic of Disbelief
The Postmodernist Turn in Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Mary Gergen
From Mod Mascu-linity to Post-Mod Macho
A Feminist Re-Play

Seth Chaiklin
From Theory to Practice and Back Again
What Does Postmodern Philosophy Contribute to Psychological Science?

Peter Madsen
`Postmodernism' and `Late Capitalism'
On Terms and Realities


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