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Psycho-social Health Issues in Indian Youth

Psycho-social Health Issues in Indian Youth
Emerging Trends and Intervention

  • Alka Wadkar - Former Faculty Member, Department of Psychology, University of Pune.

November 2021 | 396 pages | SAGE India
Psycho-social Health Issues in Indian Youth: Emerging Trends and Intervention examines challenges to psycho-social health of Indian adolescents and youth. Exploring issues afflicting psychological, social and physiological well-being of the youth, the book recommends intervention and the way ahead. It links the theory to Indian scenario by giving real-life examples and incidences, which makes it interesting.

The book studies emerging obstacles to psycho-social well-being from psychological, socio-cultural and biological perspectives. It examines issues such as pornography addiction, substance abuse and youth aggression. It further explores the effects of psychologically devastating events such as harassment, marital rape and emotional abuse. This book also analyses trauma and the alarmingly high suicide rates among adolescents and young adults. Everyday behavioural problems—that are often neglected—such as impact of gender socialization on individual’s personality and culture-based issues about marriage have been extensively studied. It further examines the distress and mental turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The book seeks to examine the consequences, as well as potential antidotes, to the modern-day challenges to psycho-social wellness and well-being.
Psycho-social Health during Adolescence and Youth
Impact of Gender
Emotional Abuse
Aggression and Violence
Pornography Addiction and Sexual Addiction
Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Rape
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Suicide and Attempts to Suicide
Chronic and Terminal Diseases and Trauma
Clinical Disorders
COVID-19 and Psycho-social Health

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