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Program Development in the 21st Century

Program Development in the 21st Century
An Evidence-Based Approach to Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

First Edition

June 2012 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Offering practical strategies and tools readers can use on the job, this comprehensive book covers the practices, conditions, and legislative issues that affect program development. Using a unique 14-step model, the author guides readers through every stage of the process, from identifying a need, establishing a research basis, and designing the clinical program through implementing, evaluating, and sustaining the program. This valuable work captures the most significant changes that have occurred in human services and mental health program development over the last decade and demonstrates the need for mental health professionals to be well versed in business, management, and research as well as in clinical skills.
About the Author
1. Comprehensive Program Development in the Mental Health Professions
2. Establish the Need for Programming: Developing the Rationale
3. Establish a Research Basis for Program Design
4. Address Cultural Identity Issues in Program Design
5. Design the Clinical Program
6. Develop the Staffing Infrastructure
7. Identify and Engage Community Resources
8. Identify and Evaluate Potential Funding Sources
9. Develop the Financial Management Plan
10. Develop the Proposal
11. Implement the Program
12. Evaluate the Program
13. Build and Preserve Community Resources
14. Develop an Advocacy Plan
15. Develop an Information-Sharing Plan
16. Attain Program and Organizational Accreditation
17. Putting It All Together: Comprehensive Program Development in the 21st Century
Appendix: Web Resources Discussed in Text
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While most Program Development/Evaluation textbooks focus primarily on evaluation. This textbook does a great job at balancing both. While evaluation is certainly important as far as research goes, development in social services agencies is the foundation to which we evaluate. This book does as fine of a job at balancing both of these topics, while covering practical information in the contemporary Social Work climate.

Professor Kameron C Manley
School Of Social Work, Boise State University
October 5, 2015

I loved this book. It has all the elements that I was looking for in a program development book. I would love to use it for the course I teach, but the content was too narrowly focused on behavioral health.

Ms Debra Thompson
Organizational Leadership, Duquesne University
February 16, 2014

This book has very practical insights into program design, implementation and evaluation. They are relevant and real-world. It is an excellent resource f students and faculty.

Dr Yvonne Larrier
School Of Education, Indiana University - South Bend
November 3, 2013