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Primary English for Trainee Teachers

Primary English for Trainee Teachers

Third Edition
Edited by:

March 2020 | 392 pages | Learning Matters

What do I need know about English to teach it effectively in primary schools?  
How do children learn English? 
How do I teach it?
What does a good primary English lesson look like?

This is the ultimate guide for primary trainee teachers grappling with these questions.  A comprehensive guide to teaching the National Curriculum for primary English, it covers both subject knowledge and teaching theory and practice.

This new edition now includes new chapters on the teaching of phonics and the barriers to learning English in primary schools, making it the complete course textbook.

David Waugh
1. The National Curriculum
Wendy Jolliffe
2. Speaking and listening
Jane Carter
3. Vocabulary development
Ruth Harrison-Palmer
4. Reading
Kate Allott, Wendy Jolliffe and David Waugh
5. Phonics for reading and writing
Kate Allott
6. Spelling
David Waugh
7. Grammar and punctuation
Debbie Myers
8. Fiction
Holly Dyer
9. Poetry
Kirsty Anderson
10. Non-fiction
Claire Warner
11. Writing
Claire Norcott
12. Multi-modal texts
Eve English
13. Is there a place for drama?
Kate Allott
14. Planning for delivery
Kirsty Anderson
15. Assessment
Kate Allott
16. Mastery in English
Kulwinder Maude
17. Challenges and barriers

An excellent book with contributions from leading authorities on Primary English.

Dr David Waugh
School of Education, Durham University
February 1, 2021