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Population Concerns in India

Population Concerns in India
Shifting Trends, Policies, and Programs

First Edition

July 2017 | 316 pages | SAGE India

A major concern for any country’s polity and development, the issue of population has always been particularly problematic in India given the diversity of religions and other social stratifications. Population Concerns in India: Shifting Trends, Policies, and Programs analyzes how the country has handled this concern in the seven decades post Independence. 

The book discusses the various policies and programs that were considered most appropriate in different situations, and deliberates over how the population problem was perceived at different times. It also highlights the results achieved by India’s Family Planning Programme and the implications of the successful experiences.

Written by an internationally renowned demographer, this book recommends policies that can effectively deal with the population concerns in this country.

Origins of Family Planning Program: Population Concerns in British India
Population Policies and Programs since Independence until 1977: Birth of the Official Birth-Control Program
Post-Emergency Recovery of the Program (1977–95): Recoil and Recovery
Post ICPD Phase (1996–2015): Ineffective Integration of Programs
Culture and Natural Fertility
Nuptiality and Stability of Marriage
Demographic Levels, Trends, Differentials, and Challenges
India in Comparison
Wobbling International and Academic Concerns on Population
The Way Forward

“The author tries to bring together a wide range of demographic issues…making it a valuable contribution to Indian population and development research.”

Economic & Political Weekly, 5 January 2019

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