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Political Thought in Indic Civilization

Political Thought in Indic Civilization

Edited by:
  • Himanshu Roy - Atal Bihari Vajpayee Senior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teenmurti House, New Delhi

August 2021 | 328 pages | SAGE India
Political Thought in Indic Civilization retrieves, resurrects and analyses the earliest theories of Indic political philosophies. The book primarily focuses on Indic civilization’s political thought, emphasising key issues such as Rashtra (State), kingship, jurisprudence and justice. The study shows how ideas, ideologies, frameworks, reference points and other significant tools of scholarly discussions are so much under the influence of Western thought, failing to appreciate the Indian realities. The book highlights the impact of colonial rule on the ‘construction of knowledge’ from a Western (colonial) perspective and how it ignored the importance of Indian political thought of the pre-colonial period. In this context, the book provides compelling studies on Indic terminologies and frames of reference to give due justice to the historical past of the land, which shall also impact the way contemporary events and processes are analysed.
Balaji Ranganathan
Evolutionary Trajectory of Rashtra
Bhuwan Kumar Jha
Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva
Nandini Bhattacharyya Panda
Manusmrti and Social Marginals
Balaji Ranganathan
Jurisprudence in Pre-colonial India
K. Srinivasulu
Kingship in Medieval South India
Prakash Desai
Democratic Traditions in Lingayat Movement
Bijayalaxmi Nanda
Interpreting Meerabai’s Bhakti
Himanshu Roy
Indic Islam
Vijaylakshmi Brara
Idea of Justice in Tribes of Manipur
Kundan Singh
Colonial Roots of Aryan Invasion Theory
Neena Bansal
Deconstructing the Colonial

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