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People's Rights

People's Rights
Social Movements and the State in the Third World

First Edition
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February 1998 | 436 pages | SAGE India
People's Rights presents Third World social movements as democratic assertions that challenge the dominant political theory of capitalist globalization. Case studies from Asia (including India, Indonesia and Philippines) and Africa (including Nigeria) of successful and unsuccessful movements demonstrate that the rights sought are not the individualist rights of the West but the minimal political conditions of human existence, which always involve a struggle against class exploitation and social oppression.
Manoranjan Mohanty
Introduction: Towards a Creative Theory of Social Transformation
Neera Chandhoke
The Assertion of Civil Society against the State
The Case of the Post-Colonial World

Bj[um]orn Beckman
The Liberation of Civil Society
Neo-Liberal Ideology and Political Theory in an African Context

Manoranjan Mohanty
Social Movements in Creative Society
Of Autonomy and Interconnection

Mahmood Mamdani
Democratic Theory and Democratic Struggles

Partha Nath Mukherji
Nationalism, Nation-Building and the State in India
Sucha Singh Gill
Class, Ethnicity and Autonomy Movements in India
Ishtiaq Ahmed
The Nature and Structure of Ethnic Conflict and Separatism in South Asia
Olle T[um]ornquist
Popular Movements and Politics of Democratization
The Philippine Experience in Comparative Perspective

Gail Omvedt
Peasants, Dalits and Women
Democracy and India's New Social Movements

Staffan Lindberg
Farmers' Movements and Cultural Politics in India
Abdul Raufu Mustapha
Peasant Social Structure, Politics and Democratization in Nigeria
Nripen Bandyopadhyaya
The Story of Agrarian Struggles and Land Reforms in Bengal and West Bengal
Sharit K Bhowmik
The Working Class Movement in India
Trade Unions and the State

Upendra Baxi
The State and Human Rights Movements in India
G Haragopal and K Balagopal
Civil Liberties Movement and the State in India
Adebayo O Olukoshi
The State and the Civil Liberties Movement in Nigeria
Arief Budiman
Depoliticisation of Civil Society
Social Movements and the Corporatist State in Indonesia

Harsh Sethi
Micro-Struggles, NGOs and the State

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