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How to Use Game Theory to Outsmart Your Competition

First Edition

December 2015 | 236 pages | SAGE Response
Business managers make decisions in an interactive strategic environment that resembles games. ‘Out-Think’ makes game theoretic concepts usable for strategic decision-makers and functional managers. The book exposes the reader to game theory concepts using examples not only from the domain of business, but also from the fields of professional sports, parlour games like chess, poker etc., and military practices.
What Managers Can Learn From Game Theory?
Business and Chess: Looking Forward, Reasoning Backward
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Coordination and Anti-coordination Games
Strategic Moves: Threats, Promises and Commitment
Trust, Credibility and Collusion in Repeated Games
Business Poker: Playing Games with Limited Information
Smart Negotiations

Out-think! is a lucidly written book on game theory and strategic thinking. I'm sure decision-makers and functional managers would find it really useful.

Sanjay Singh
Professor of Economics, IIM Lucknow

As a practitioner, the book acts as a refresher to the various principles taught by Dr Sarkar that I continue to use in my professional life.

Abhishek Kumar
Principal Consultant, Utilities Leader, Energy & Environment, APAC, Frost & Sullivan

A wonderful mental workout for every strategist, game theory professor and aspiring CEO. Full of paradoxes, puzzles and flashes of insights.

Rohit Prasad
Associate Professor, MDI Gurgaon

This book gives a new idea to students, researchers and strategic planners to various aspects of game theory and strategic planning…it will be of great help to functional managers who engage themselves in negotiating and contracting with customers or suppliers.

Global Business Review,
Vol 17 (Issue 6), December 2016

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ISBN: 9789351505631