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Organization Theory

Organization Theory
Management and Leadership Analysis

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July 2020 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In Organization Theory: Management and Leadership Analysis, Jesper Blomberg explores the fields of organization theory and management, making sense of complex theories and encouraging critical thinking.

The book analyses organizations through four theoretical frameworks, offering students a clear structure they can use to understand complex organizational issues:

·         the structural framework

·         the Human Resources framework

·         the power framework

·         the symbolic framework

Each framework is explored by a chapter covering the basics, followed by a more advanced chapter so that students can deepen their understanding. A case study at the end of the book draws together theory and practice, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to a real management situation.

This book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Organization Theory and Management.

The book is complemented by a range of online resources including PowerPoint slides, an Instructor’s Manual and Testbank.

Chapter 1 An introduction to organization theory, management and leadership analysis
Chapter 2 Structures, formalized processes and rational decisions - the basics of the structural framework
Chapter 3 An in-depth structural framework - lean, team, leadership and projects
Chapter 4 Human resources, relations and competence – the basics of the HR framework
Chapter 5 An in-depth HR framework – motivation, learning, teams and leadership
Chapter 6 Stakeholders, power, politics and conflict – the basics of the power framework
Chapter 7 The power framework in-depth – structures, norms and fair organizations
Chapter 8 Organizational culture, values, interpretations and norms – the basics of the symbolic framework
Chapter 9 An in-depth symbolic framework – micro, meso and macro
Chapter 10 A case study in theory-driven practical analysis


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