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Modern Media, Elections and Democracy

Modern Media, Elections and Democracy

First Edition

November 2017 | 244 pages | SAGE India

Modern Media, Elections and Democracy explores how the modern media functions in a democracy, especially during elections, when it performs the crucial role of educating people and moulding public opinion. At such times, it becomes an arena for public debate and sometimes even a check against the abuse of power.

The book analyses the constraints that curb the immense power of the media. It takes up issues that restrict free political debate and, in response, studies the statutory provisions that defend and protect freedom of expression. In this context, the author refers to many legal suits, case studies, jurisprudence governing election coverage, international standards for media practices, and so on. The book identifies ways in which various forms of media exert influence on politics and argues that the modern media—in all its forms—is expanding the scope of political pluralism.

Foreword by Jabbar Al-Obaidi
Elections and Media in Democracy
Modern Media and Society
Media and Elections
Media Professionalism and Election Coverage
The Media in Political Campaigns
The Role of Television
Legal Framework for Media and Elections
International Case Studies on Media and Elections
Media and Elections in India
Ethical Considerations in Election Coverage

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