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Media, Crisis and Democracy

Media, Crisis and Democracy
Mass Communication and the Disruption of Social Order

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May 1992 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The contributors to this book explore the way in which crises highlight the problematic issues of media performance in democratic states.

They examine the relationship between communication and civil society through a number of actual cases of media responses to `crises', ranging from the Gulf War of 1991 to recent events in Eastern Europe. Individual examples of mediated crises emphasize the complexities of understanding the role of the media in struggles of identity around nationality, ethnicity and gender.

Marc Raboy and Bernard Dagenais
Media and the Politics of Crisis

John Keane
The Crisis of the Sovereign State
Mustapha Masmoudi
Media and the State in Periods of Crisis
Douglas Kellner
Television, the Crisis of Democracy and the Persian Gulf War
Julian Halliday, Sue Curry Jansen and James Schneider
Framing the Crisis in Eastern Europe
Karol Jakubowicz
Media and the Terminal Crisis of Communism in Poland
George Gerbner
Violence and Terror in and by the Media
Peter A Bruck
Crisis as Spectacle
Tabloid News and the Politics of Outrage

Bernard Dagenais
Media in Crises
Observers, Actors or Scapegoats?

Marc Raboy
Media and the Invisible Crisis of Everyday Life
Lorna Roth
Media and the Commodification of Crisis
Armand Mattelart and Mich[gr]ele Mattelart
On New Uses of Media in Time of Crisis

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