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Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing in the Digital Age

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June 2021 | 388 pages | SAGE Texts
A comprehensive and engaging textbook on use and application of digital tools in marketing in a rapidly changing world. 

This textbook describes how digital methods can enhance marketing experience by going beyond cliched metrics of likes and shares in marketing strategies. 

Marketing in the Digital Age takes the view that the path to the future must integrate both marketing and digital knowhow and exemplifies how digital marketing is more than just spreading the message using digital tools. This path-breaking textbook is for students who wish to understand marketing in a rapidly changing environment. It offers a fresh approach towards all the core areas of marketing, including segmentation, product development, promotion, pricing, going to the market and relationship building.

Key Features:

• Offers conceptual clarity and refreshing treatment of digital tools in marketing

• Encourages the readers to adopt a critical approach to standard aspects of marketing and traditional notions of the use of the digital in businesses

• Includes chapters that come with a plethora of exhibits and case studies from India and abroad

• Contains rich pedagogical features to aid teaching¬--learning in the classroom—learning objectives, chapter-end summary, key terms, concept review and critical thinking questions, ideas for projects and group assignments, and much more
Foreword by June Dennis
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Traditional and Digital Marketing
Creating Digital Value
Customer Relationship Management and Digital Tools
Online Consumer Behaviour
Online Consumer Behaviour
Social Media and Marketing
Brand Building in the Digital Age
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Tools and Technologies
Trends in Digital Marketing

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ISBN: 9789353887681