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Magazine Journalism

Magazine Journalism

November 2011 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"For those of us who long ago experienced the magazine love-bite and have been battling the prejudice and scant attention shown this beautiful medium ever since, here at last is the book to set the record straight."
- Nicholas Brett, Deputy Managing Director, BBC Magazines

"At a time when magazines are undergoing active redefinition, this book represents a welcome intervention. It engages with a host of pressing issues in a manner alert to professional priorities while, at the same time, encouraging new ways of thinking about the challenges shaping this fast-moving field. Holmes and Nice are trustworthy guides, taking the reader on what proves to be a fascinating journey."
- Stuart Allan
, Professor of Journalism, Bournemouth University

Magazines are the most successful media format ever to have existed: so begins Magazine Journalism as it traces how magazines arose from their earliest beginnings in 1665 to become the ubiquitous format we know today. This book combats the assumptions among media academics as well as journalists that magazines somehow don't count, and presents a compelling assessment of the development and innovation at the heart of magazine publishing.

In magazines we find some of the key debates in journalism, from the genesis of 'marketing to the reader' to feminist history, subcultures and tabloidization. Embedding these questions in a thoroughly historical framework, Holmes and Nice argue for an understanding of magazine journalism as essential in the media landscape.

Moving beyond the semiotic and textual analysis so favoured by critics of the past, the authors complete the story with an exploration of the production and consumption of magazines. Drawing on interviews with more than 30 magazine journalists across the industry, what emerges is a story of resilience, innovation and a unique ability to embrace new markets and readerships.

Magazine Journalism takes the reader to the heart of key questions in the past, present and future of journalism and is essential reading for students across journalism and the creative industries.

Magazines: A Historical Survey
The Political Economy of Magazines
The Magazine Workforce
Skills and Policy Developments
Contemporary Practices
The International Perspective
Theorizing the Field
Future Directions

A comprehansiev review of the state of the magazine industry with an insider's knowledge of the working methods of magazine journalists and how they have adapted successfully to the digital age. A must read for all students.

Mr Dave Porter
Journalism, Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University
June 29, 2015

A good theory-based book for students at level 6 considering research in magazine-based journalism.
Using painstaking research it re-defines the image of today's magazines and looks to the future as digital attempts to march over the traditional news-stand

Miss Hilary Scott
Arts - Media, English & Culture, University of Northampton
September 9, 2014

An interesting series of essays, useful to journalism undergraduates.

Ms Ruth Stoker
Journalism, Huddersfield University
October 23, 2013

Timely and relevant for a fast-changing landscape, giving a much-needed scholarly overview, valuable industry insights and practical advice for students.

Cathy Darby
Dept of Journalism, University of Central Lancashire
March 13, 2013

A good book for third year students.

Mr Philip Cowan
Media, University of Hertfordshire
November 21, 2012

Very well organized and underlying specific issues that totally relate to one of the courses I teach. Loved it.

Mrs Paula Cordeiro
Communications, ISCSP (UTL)
July 31, 2012

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