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Life Insurance In India

Life Insurance In India
Opportunities, Challenges and Strategic Perspective

First Edition
  • H Sadhak - Non Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority, Botswana

June 2018 | 416 pages | SAGE Response
This first-of-its-kind book reflects on life insurance in the current context of globalization and economic reforms and traces the interdependence of life insurance and macro economic factors. It focuses on structural change, market potential and emerging challenges for the Indian Life Insurance industry and also covers the global life insurance industry, regulatory regime, and market friendly practices abroad. Thus it provides a powerful insight into emerging trends in the Life Insurance industry as a whole.

Life Insurance in India: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategic Perspective presents a detailed analysis of several strategic and managerial issues such as product-market relationship, distribution, marketing strategies and funds management and focuses specially on the changing contours of risk management in life insurance. Primary concerns for the post-liberalized industry like structural changes in economy and financial sectors, information explosion, need for competitive management efficiency, etc., have been discussed with suggestive guidelines.

A supplement on analysis of macro economic indicators and their impact on stock market investment make this book a ready manual for any practicing manager. Apart from the general reader, it will also be very useful for regulators and students of Insurance Management and training programmes of Life Insurance companies.

Foreword T S Vijayan
Globalization, Liberalization of Financial Markets and Life Insurance
Reforms and Emerging Economic and Financial Environment in India
Indian Life Insurance-Changing Market Structure and Emerging Opportunities
Product-Market Relationship and Distribution in Convergent Financial Market
Managing Life Insurance Investment
Issues in Life Insurance Governance
Managing Change and Challenges

From introducing definitions of financial markets, gross domestic savings and globalisation to charts displaying personal disposable income and life insurance premiums, Sadhak’s discussions follow a logical progression from the basic to the complex, neatly tied in with chronology. The data-backed information impartation of the book is both complete and relevantly connected to the author’s point of discussion…. A comprehensive listing of relevant legislative, academic and corporate governance text forms an excellent reference for professional perspective add value to the book that targets the growing cadre of insurance managers.


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