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Legends in Strategic Marketing: Rajan Varadarajan

Legends in Strategic Marketing: Rajan Varadarajan

First Edition
Five Volume Set
Edited by:

February 2018 | 2 248 pages | SAGE India

The Legends in Strategic Marketing series comprises various sets, each focused on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field of Strategic Marketing. While Strategic Marketing is a relatively young discipline, it has been transformative. It shifted the focus from the descriptive understanding of various functions of marketing to prescriptive managerial actions anchored to future financial outcomes for the company.

The first set in the series consisting of five volumes is a tribute to Rajan Varadarajan, Distinguished University Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M University. Professor Varadarajan is one of the early pioneers in Strategic Marketing and especially on the impact of external factors such as competition, industry structure, globalization, and technology. He has equally focused on internal cooperation and conflict across functions, both within marketing and between marketing and other functions. One specific area of his research is on innovation and how it impacts marketing as well as corporate performance. His most recent focus on environmental sustainability, especially with the rise of emerging markets, is simply outstanding. Professor Varadarajan is also a great conceptualizer. He has several thought-provoking conceptual papers and most of them have won awards for their contributions to the field of Strategic Marketing.

Professor Varadarajan is recipient of numerous awards including the AMA Marketing Educator Award. He is also a Fellow of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS). He has made significant contributions as Editor of two major journals in marketing: Journal of the Academy of Marketing (JAMS) and Journal of Marketing (JM). In addition, he has been Vice President of Publications at both the AMS and the AMA.

The series is edited by Jagdish N. Sheth, who is the Chares H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University (USA). He is the former President of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) as well as Division 23 (Consumer Psychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA). Professor Sheth is the coauthor of the Howard-Sheth Theory of Buyer Behavior, a classic in Consumer Behavior, published in 1969.

Volumes in this Set:

Volume 1: Strategic Marketing and Strategic Management

Editor: Sundar Bhardawaj, University of Georgia

Volume 2: Strategic Marketing and Innovation

Editor: Tomas Hult, Michigan State University

Volume 3: Strategy and Performance

Editor: Srihari Sridhar, Texas A&M University

Volume 4: Inter-organizational Cooperation and Interactive Marketing

Editor: Peggy Cunningham, Dalehouse University

Volume 5: Environmental Sustainability, Innovations for Emerging Markets and Marketing in Emerging Markets

Editor: Mona Sinha, Kennesaw State University


Volume 1: Appendix of Sources
Jagdish N. Sheth
Series Introduction
Jagdish N. Sheth
Set Introduction
Sundar Bharadwaj
Volume Introduction: Professor Varadarajan, the Ambidextrous Researcher
Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy: Conceptual Domain, Definition, Fundamental Issues and Foundational Premises
Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Market Strategy
Marketing Strategy: Discerning the Relative Effects of Product and Firm Characteristics
Satish Jayachandran
Marketing Strategy: An Assessment of the State of the Field and Outlook
Vijay Mahajan and Roger A. Kerin
Metamorphosis in Strategic Market Planning
Kartik Kalaignanam
Customers as Co-producers: Implications for Marketing Strategy Effectiveness and Marketing Operations Efficiency
Terry Clark and William M. Pride
Controlling the Uncontrollable: Managing your Marketing Environment
Marketing Strategies in Action
Intensive Growth Strategies: An Extended Classification
Intensive Growth Strategies
Terry Clark
Delineating the Scope of Corporate, Business and Marketing Strategy
Vasudevan Ramanujam
Research on Corporate Diversification: A Synthesis
Satish Jayachandran and Chris White
Strategic Interdependence in Organizations: Deconglomeration and Marketing Strategy
Strategy Content and Process Perspectives Revisited
Marketing’s Contribution to Strategy: The View from a Different Looking Glass
Roger Kerin
Rajan Varadarajan: Becoming a Legend- Leaving a Legacy
Rajan Varadarajan: A Personal Appreciation by Terry Clark
Neil Morgan
The Contributions of Rajan Varadarajan to Understanding of Strategic Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Market Strategy
Raji Srinivasan
A Retrospective on Rajan Varadarajan’s Contributions to Marketing Strategy
Mark Houston
Rajan Varadarajan: A Steward and a Shepherd
A. Parasuraman
Rajan Varadarajan’s Contributions to Strategic Marketing: An Impressive Body of Work by an Exemplary Scholar
Sridhar N. Ramaswami
Contributions of Rajan Varadarajan to Marketing Scholarship: A Commentary
Rajan Varadarajan
Sundar Bharadwaj Interviews
Volume 2: Appendix of Sources
Series Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Set Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
G. Tomas M. Hult
Volume Introduction: Strategic Marketing and Innovation
G. Sundar Bharadwaj
Toward an Integrated Model of Business Performance
A Two Factor Classification of Competitive Strategy Variables
Daryl O. McKee, Jeffrey S. Conant, and Mike P. Mokwa
Success Producer and Failure Preventer Marketing Skills: A Social Learning Theory Interpretation
Valerie A. Zeithaml and Carl P. Zeithaml
The Contingency Approach: Its Foundations and Relevance to Theory Building and Research in Marketing
Satish Jayachandran and Javier Gimeno
Theory of Multi-market Competition: A Synthesis and Implications for Marketing Strategy
Sundar G. Bharadwaj and John Fahy
Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Service Industries: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions
Roger A. Kerin and Ro
First-Mover Advantage: A Synthesis, Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions
Manjit S. Yadav and Venkatesh Shankar
First-Mover Advantage in an Internet-enabled Market Environment: Conceptual Framework and Propositions
Mark P. DeFanti and Paul S. Busch
Brand Portfolio, Corporate Image, and Reputation: Managing Brand Deletions
Anil Menon
A Model of Marketing Knowledge Use Within Firms
Terry Clark and William M. Pride
Environmental Management: The Construct and Research Propositions
The Sustainable Growth Model: A Tool for Evaluating the Financial Feasibility of Market Share Strategies
Product Portfolio Analysis and Market Share Objectives: An Exposition of Certain Underlying Relationships
Research on Market Orientation: Lessons Shared and Issues Discussed in a Doctoral Seminar
Fortune at the Bottom of the Innovation Pyramid: The Strategic Logic of Incremental Innovations
Innovating for Sustainability: A Framework for Sustainable Innovations and a Model of Sustainable Innovations Orientation
Lisa C. Troy and David M. Szymanski
Generating New Product Ideas: An Initial Investigation of the Role of Market Information and Organizational Characteristics
Werner Reinartz, Benedict Dellaert, Manfred Krafft, and V. Kumar
Retailing Innovations in a Globalizing Retail Market Environment
Philip Kotler
Thoughts about the Marketing and Business Contributions of Professor Rajan Varadarajan
Roger J. Calantone
A Retrospective on the Legendary Research and Career of Rajan Varadarajan
Naresh K. Malhotra
Reflections on the Distinguished Research of Professor Rajan Varadarajan
Tomas Hult Interviews Rajan Varadarajan
Volume 3: Appendix of Sources
Series Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Set Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Shrihari Sridhar
Volume Introduction: Making Marketing Strategy Accountable—A Synthesis of the Foundational works of Rajan Varadarajan
Product Diversity and Firm Performance: An Empirical Inquiry
Vasudevan Ramanujam
Diversification and Performance: A Reexamination Using a New Two Dimensional Conceptualization of Diversity in Firms
Paulette Dubofsky
Diversification and Measures of Performance: Additional Empirical Evidence
Vasudevan Ramanujam
The Corporate Performance Conundrum: A Synthesis of Contemporary Views and an Extension
Vasudevan Ramanujam
Strategic and Organizational Sources of Superior Corporate Performance
David M. Szymanski and Sundar G. Bharadwaj
An Analysis of the Market Share-Profitability Relationship
David M. Szymanski and Sundar G. Bharadwaj
Standardization vs. Adaptation of International Marketing Strategy: An Empirical Investigation
Satish Jayachan
Does Success Diminish Competitive Responsiveness? Reconciling Conflicting Perspectives
J. Chris White and Peter A. Dacin
Market Situation Interpretation and Response: The Role of Cognitive Style, Organizational Culture and Information Use
Jeffrey S. Conant, Michael P. Mokwa
Strategic Types, Distinctive Marketing Competencies, and Organizational Performance: A Multiple Measures-Based Study
Daryl O. McKee and William M. Pride
Strategic Adaptability and Market Performance: A Market Contingent Perspective
William R. Dillon
Competitive Position Effects and Market Share: An Exploratory Investigation
William R. Dillon
Intensive Growth Strategies: A Closer Examination
A. Parasuraman
Robustness of Ordinal Measures of Competitive Strategy Variables Employed in Strategy Research: A PIMS Data Based Exposition
A. Parasuraman)
The Future of Strategic Market Planning: A Survey of U. S. Firms
A. Parasuraman
Future Strategic Emphases in Service vs. Goods Businesses
Daryl O. McKee and J. Vassar
The Marketing Planning Orientation of Hospitals: An Empirical Study
Daryl O. McKee and J. Vassar
A Taxonomy of Marketing Planning Styles
Timothy Bohling, Douglas Bowman, Steve LaValle, Vikas Mittal, Das Narayandas, and Girish Ramani
CRM Implementation: Effectiveness Issues and Insights
V. Kumar and J. Andrew Petersen
Uncovering Rajan’s ‘Strategy’ for Marketing Strategy: Commentary on Rajan Varadarajan’s Work in Strategy and Performance
Girish Mallapragada and Rajdeep Grewal
On the Strategic Vision of Rajan Varadarajan: A Commentary on Selected Works—Commentary on Rajan Varadarajan’s Work in Strategy and Performance
Vikas Mittal and Kyuhong Han
Corporate Diversification Reconceptualized—Commentary on Rajan Varadarajan’s Work in Strategy and Performance
Hari Sridhar Interviews Rajan Varadarajan
Volume 4: Appendix of Sources
Series Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Set Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Peggy Cunningham
Volume Introduction: Dr. Rajan Varadarajan—A True Scholar by
Margaret H. Cunningham
Strategic Alliances: A Synthesis of Conceptual Foundations
Daniel Rajaratnam
Symbiotic Marketing Revisited
Anil Menon
Cause Related Marketing: A Co-alignment of Marketing Strategy and Corporate Philanthropy
Horizontal Cooperative Sales Promotion: A Framework for Classification and Additional Perspectives
Joint Sales Promotion: An Emerging Marketing Tool
Kartik Kalaignanam, and Venkatesh Shankar
Asymmetric New Product Development Alliances: Win-Win or Win-Lose Partnerships?
Outsourcing: Think More Expansively
Kartik Kalaignanam
Offshore Outsourcing of Customer Relationship Management: Conceptual Model and Propositions
Manjit S. Yadav
Marketing Strategy and the Internet: An Organizing Framework
Manjit S. Yadav
Marketing Strategy in an Internet Enabled Environment: A Retrospective on the First Ten Years of JIM and a Prospective on the Next Ten Years
Manjit S. Yadav
Competitive Strategy in a Global Electronic Marketplace: Extant Strategy Perspectives Revisited
Kartik Kalaignanam and Tarun Kushwaha
Marketing Operations Efficiency and the Internet: An Organizing Framework
Manjit S. Yadav
Interactivity in the Electronic Marketplace: An Exposition of the Concept and Implications for Research
Manjit S. Yadav
Understanding Product Migration to the Electronic Marketplace: A Conceptual Framework
Pranjal Gupta, Manjit S. Yadav
How Task-Facilitative Interactive Tools Foster Buyers’ Trust in Online Retailers: A Process View of Trust Development in the Electronic Marketplace
Raji Srinivasan, Gautham Gopal Vadakkepatt, Manjit S. Yadav, Paul A. Pavlou, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, and Tome Krause
Interactive Technologies and Retailing Strategy: A Review, Conceptual Framework and Future Research Directions
Perspectives of Other Scholars
George S. Day
Celebrating the Contributions of Rajan Varadarajan to Marketing Strategy and More
Christine Moorman and T. Austin Finch
Rajan Varadarajan: A Gentle and Generous Giant in the Field of Marketing Strategy
Vanitha Swaminathan and Alok Kumar
When Firms Join Hands: Rajan Varadarajan, A Thought Leader and Thinker with Significant Contributions to Research on Interorganizational Relationships and Marketing Strategy in Internet-enabled Environments
Manjit S. Yadav
Understanding Digital Markets: Reflections on Theory Development
Aric Rindfleisch
Reflections on Rajan’s Research on Marketing Strategy in an Internet-enabled Marketing Environment
Kartik Kalaignanam
The Alphas and Omegas of Research and Publishing: A Primer on Rajan Varadarajan’s Perspectives
Peggy Cunningham
A Conversation with Rajan Varadarajan—Marketing Strategist, Conceptual Cartographer, and Foundation Builder
Volume 5: Appendix of Sources / Series Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Set Introduction: Jagdish N. Sheth
Mona Sinha
Volume Introduction: Rajan Varadarajan—Looking Back, Looking Forward
Sustainability and Marketing: Concurrent Pursuit of Smaller Environmental Footprint and a Larger Market Footprint
Toward Sustainability: Public Policy, Global Social Innovations for Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets, and Demarketing for a Better World
Enviropreneurial Marketing
Conjectures on Innovation Drivers in an Emerging Market: India
Marketing in Developing Countries: The New Frontier
Vaulting Trade Barriers: The Japanese Approach
Musings on Relevance and Rigor of Scholarly Research in Marketing
Musings on the Need for Reform in Marketing
Musings on Interesting and Impactful Theory and Research
Reflections on Research and Publishing
In Closing
Programmatic, Programmatically Non-programmatic and Beyond: Reflections on the Role of Collaboration, Serendipity and Strategic Windows i
K. Sivakumar
A Scholar’s Scholar: Some Thoughts on the Career and Impact of Professor Rajan Varadarajan
Satyabhusan Dash
Contributions of Rajan Varadarajan to the Amalgamation of Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability and Marketing: A Commentary
Shelby D. Hunt
On Programmatic and Programmatically Non-programmatic Research Streams: Musings on Rajan Varadarajan’s “Interesting Journey”
Richa Agarwal
Envisioning a Sustainable Future by Doing What It Takes: A Commentary on Selected Works of Rajan Varadarajan on Environmental Sustainability and Innovation
Constantine S. Katsikeas and Neil A. Morgan
Commentary on Selected Contributions of Rajan Varadarajan to Sustainability and Emerging Markets Literature by
Mark Peterson
Sensing the Importance of Environmental Sustainability in the 1990s and Now
Rajan Varadarajan
Mona Sinha Interviews

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