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Legends in Marketing: Naresh K. Malhotra

Legends in Marketing: Naresh K. Malhotra

First Edition
Nine Volume Set
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Marketing (General)

September 2011 | 3 111 pages | SAGE India
The Legends in Marketing series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of marketing in the past hundred years. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars and experts about their work.

The series comprises of various sets, each focused on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This fourth set in the series, consisting of 9 volumes, is a tribute to Naresh K Malhotra. Known as a consistently outstanding researcher, refreshingly innovative teacher, and truly pioneering author, Professor Malhotra is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in America continuously since the 51st edition, 1997, and in Who’s Who in the World since 2000.

This set includes:

Volume 1: Research Methodology: Conjoint Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, and Related Techniques
Editor: James Agarwal
Volume 2: Research Methodology: Research Design and Data Analysis
Editor: Lan Wu
Volume 3: Consumer Behavior: Information Processing and Decision Making
Editor: Ashutosh R Patil
Volume 4: Consumer Behavior: Attitude, Intention, and Choice Behavior
Editor: Tracey M King
Volume 5: Marketing Management and Policy
Editor: Can Uslay
Volume 6: International and Cross-cultural Marketing
Editor: Francis M Ulgado
Volume 7: Marketing of Services: Retailing and Health Care
Editor: Charla Mathwick and Neale Martin
Volume 8: Ethics, Quality of Life, and Pedagogy
Editor: Gina L Miller
Volume 9: Management Information Systems, Technology, and Marketing
Editor: Sung S Kim and Alka V Citrin
Volume Introduction: The contributions of a legendary marketing researcher: observations of a "Shishya," colleague and co-author

James Agarwal
Conjoint Analysis
A Comparison of the Internal Validity of Alternative Parameter Estimation Methods in Decompositional Multiattribute Preference Models (with A K Jain, F Acito and V Mahajan)

Structural Reliability and Stability of Nonmetric Conjoint Analysis

Improving Prediction Power of Conjoint Analysis by Constrained Parameter Estimation (with V Srinivasan and A K Jain)

An Approach to the Measurement of Consumer Preferences Using Limited Information

Analyzing Marketing Research Data with Incomplete Information on the Dependent Variable

A Field Validation Study of Conjoint Analysis Using Selected Mail Survey Response Rate Facilitators (with D B Lund and A E Smith)

Standardization versus Customization in International Marketing: An investigation using bridging conjoint analysis (B Imad Baalbaki)

Multidimensional Scaling and Correspondence Analysis
Validity and Structural Reliability of Multidimensional Scaling

The Robustness of MDS Configurations in the Face of Incomplete Data (with A K Jain and C Pinson)

On the Effects of Fatigue on Judgments of Interproduct Similarity

Overcoming the Attribute Prespecification Bias in International Marketing Research by Using Nonattribute Based Correspondence Analysis (Charles Betsy)

Correspondence Analysis: Methodological Perspectives, Issues and Applications (with Charles Bestsy and Can Uslay)

Perspective of other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A legendary researcher, cohort and colleague

Wayne S DeSarbo
Naresh K Malhotra's JMR Contributions

Joel Huber
Naresh K Malhotra: My best student, bright shining star and a true marketing legend

Arun K Jain
Naresh K Malhotra: A commentary

Vithala R Rao
James Aggarwal interviews Naresh K Malhotra

Legendary Contributions to Conjoint Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling and Life Itself

Volume Introduction: Naresh K Malhotra: A true marketing legend, my professor and co-author

Lan Wu
Measurement and Validation
A Scale to Measure Self Concepts, Person Concepts and Product Concepts

On the Construct Validity of Intrinsic Sources of Personal Relevance

Assessing the Reliability and Validity of International Secondary Data Used to Design Competitive Strategies for Global Marketing (with Mark Peterson and Susan B Kleiser)

Discrete Choice Models
A Comparison of the Predictive Validity of Procedures for Analyzing Binary Data

The Use of Linear Logit Models in Marketing Research

Testing the Homogeneity of Segments for Estimating Disaggregate Choice Models

Estimating Models with Binary Dependent Variables: Some theoretical and empirical observations (with G Gessner, W Kamakura and M E Zmijewski)

Structural Equation Modeling and Related Techniques
Multilevel Generalized Structured Component Analysis (with Heungsun Hwang, Yoshio Takane)

A Comparative Study on Parameter Recovery of Three Approaches to Structural Equation Modeling (with Heungsun Hwang, Youngchan Kim, Marc Tomiuk and Sungjin Hong)

Review and Prognosis
The State-of-the-Art in Marketing Research

Some Observations on the State of the Art in Marketing Research

Shifting Perspective on the Shifting Paradigm in Marketing Research

Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research: A state-of-the-art review (with James Agarwal, James and Mark Peterson)

Marketing Research: A state-of-the-art review and directions for the twenty-first Century (with Mark Peterson and Susan Kleiser)

Marketing Research in the New Millennium: Emerging issues and trends (with Mark Peterson)

Helping Marketing Research Earn a Seat at the Table for Decision-Making: An assessment and prescription for the future (with Mark Peterson and Can Uslay)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: Advancing the developments in research methodology

Michael Houston
Naresh K Malhotra: An important influence in my early career

Wagner Kamakura
Naresh K Malhotra: Reflections on seminal contributions to the research design and methodology literature

Robert A. Peterson
Naresh K Malhotra: From A doctoral student to a marketing legend

Brian Ratchford
Lan Wu Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

Research Design Insights from a Legendary Methodologist

Volume Introduction: Naresh K Malhotra: a marketing legend, a great mentor and one who has significantly impacted my life!

Ashutosh R Patil
Information Over Load
The Information Load Controversy: An alternative viewpoint (with Arun Jain and Stephen Lagakos)

Information Load and Consumer Decision Making

Reflections on the Information Overload Paradigm in Consumer Decision Making

Information and Sensory Overload in Psychology and Marketing

Cognitive Styles
Cognitive Styles: A new approach to market segmentation (with Christian Pinson and Arun Jain)

Extremity of Judgment and Personality Variables (with Arun Jain and Christian Pinson)

Cognitive Differentiation in Consumer Product Judgments (with Christian Pinson and Arun Jain)

Consumer Cognitive Styles and Consumer Behaviour: Illustrations and Preliminary Conclusions (with Christian Pinson and Arun Jain)

Consumer Cognitive Styles (with Christian Pinson and Arun Jain)

Consumer Cognitive Complexity and the Dimensionality of Multidimensional Scaling Configurations (with Arun Jain, Ashutosh Patil, Christian Pinson and Lan Wu)

Information Search, Processing and Decision Making
Multi-Stage Information Processing Behaviour: An experimental investigation

On Individual Differences in Search Behaviour for a Nondurable

An Information Processing Model of Consumer Behaviour: Conceptualization, framework and propositions (with Daniel McCort)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A remarkable career and contributions

Richard P Bagozzi
Naresh K Malhotra: Celebrating his work and person

Dawn Iacobucci
Naresh K Malhotra: A renaissance scholar

Robert Meyer
Naresh K Malhotra: A legend and a friend

Kent B Monroe
Ashutosh R. Patil Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

Processing the Research Behaviour of a Legendary Consumer Behaviourist

Volume Introduction: Naresh K Malhotra: A marketing legend and an accomplished, diligent and productive scholar who has motivated many others

Tracey M King
Attitude, Affect and Intentions
Measuring the Appraisal of Ad-Based Affect with Ad-Promises (with Mark Peterson)

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Behavioural Intention Models: Theoretical consideration and an empirical investigation (with Daniel McCort)

The Conceptualization of Affective Experiences: Theoretical foundations and cross-cultural extensions (with Tracey King)

Integration of Attitude and Affect: An integrated model of preference, intention and choice (with James Agarwal)

Attitude & Affect: New frontiers of research in the twenty-first century

Choice Behavior
Self Concept and Product Choice: An integrated perspective

Customer Loyalty as a Construct in the Marketing of Banking Services (with Arun Jain and Christian Pinson)

Relationship Marketing, Customer satisfaction and Loyalty: A theoretical and empirical analysis from an Asian perspective and implications for international marketing (Nelson Ndubisi and Chan Wah)

Cognitive Processes
Determinants of Price Dependency: Personal and perceptual factors (with Michael Etgar)

Mnemonics in Marketing: A pedagogical tool

Categorization: A review and an empirical investigation of the evaluation formation process (with Gina L Miller and Tracey M King)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: An academic gold medalist

Merrie L Brucks
Naresh K Malhotra: One of the big influences on my research

Wayne D Hoyer
Naresh K Malhotra: A renaissance man and one of our most admired scholars

Debbie MacInnis
Naresh K Malhotra: A prolific and innovative researcher

Hanumantha Rao Unnava
Naresh K Malhotra: A true marketing legend

Aric Rindfleisch
Tracey M. King Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

The Attitudinal, Intentional and Behavioural Influence of a Marketing Legend

Volume Introduction: Naresh K Malhotra: a legendary scholar, marketing guru, professor, mentor and co-author

Can Uslay
Marketing Management
A New Product Growth Model with a Dynamic Market Potential (with Vijay Mahajan, Robert Peterson and Arun Jain)

Analytical Market Segmentation in Non-business Situations: Marketing the energy audit in U.S.A.

Emerging Issues in Sales Forecasting and Decision Support Systems (with Essam Mahmoud and Gillian Rice)

A Stakeholder Perspective on Relationship Marketing: Framework and propositions (with James Agarwal)

Public versus Private Complaint Behaviour and Customer Defection in Malaysia: Appraising the role of moderating factors (with Nelson Ndubisi and James Agarwal)

Marketing Policy
Marketing Reform: The case of excessive buying (with Lan Wu and Fred Allvine)

Aggressive and Predatory Pricing: Insights and empirical examination in the airline industry (with Ashutosh Dixit, Gregory Gundlach and Fred Allvine)

Predatory Pricing and Marketing Theory: Applications in business-to-business context and beyond (with Can Uslay and Fred C Allvine)

Business-to-Business Marketing
The Decision Making Process of Small Business for Microcomputers and Software Selection Usage (with Essam Mahmoud)

Commentary on "The Essence of Business Marketing Theory, Research and Tactics: Contributions by the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing," by Lichtenthal, Mummalaneni and Wilson: A Paradigm shift and prospection through expanded roles of buyers and

Commentary: Relative presence of business-to-business research in the marketing literature: the demand-oriented path forward (with Can Uslay)

Marketing Discipline
The Impact of the Academy of Marketing Science on Marketing Scholarship: An analysis of the research published in JAMS

The Past Present and Future of the Marketing Discipline

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A friend and scholar to admire

Thomas C Kinnear
Naresh K Malhotra on Marketing Management

David J. Reibstein
Naresh K Malhotra: Seminal contributions to marketing management

David W Stewart
Naresh K Malhotra: Malhotra's Wisdom

Arch G Woodside
Can Uslay Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

The Past, Present and the Future of the Marketing Discipline as Seen by a Marketing Legend

Volume Introduction

Theoretical, Conceptual and Methodological Foundations
Internationalization and Entry Modes: Multi-theoretical framework and research propositions (with James Agarwal and Francis Ulgado)

An Overview of the First 21 Years of Research in the International Marketing Review, 1983-2003 (with Lan Wu and Jeryl Whitelock)

Administration of Questionnaires for Collecting Quantitative Data in International Marketing Research

International Market Segmentation and Trading Blocs
EC: One market or many? An Assessment of the Degree of Homogeneity Within the European Community (with Imad Baalbaki, James Agarwal and John McIntyre)

The Marketing Management Bases for International Market Segmentation: Research propositions and managerial implications (with Imad Baalbaki)

Heterogeneity of Regional Trading Blocs and Global Marketing Strategies: A multicultural perspective (with James Agarwal and Imad Baalbaki)

Does NAFTA Influence Mexico's Product Image? A Theoretical Framework and an Empirical Investigation in Two Countries (with James Agarwal and Terry Wu)

Developing Countries
Marketing Research for Services in Developing Countries: The use of unidimensional and multidimensional scaling

A Methodology for Measuring Consumer Preferences in Developing Countries

International Services Marketing: A comparative evaluation of the dimensions of service quality between developed and developing countries (with Francis Ulgado, James Agarwal and Imad Baalbaki)

Dimensions of Service Quality in Developed and Developing Economies: Multi-country cross-cultural comparisons (with Francis Ulgado, James Agarwal, G. Shainesh and Lan Wu)

Cross-Cultural Research
Culture and Consumer Behavior: Toward an understanding of cross-cultural consumer behavior in international marketing (with Daniel McCort)

Print Advertising at the Component Level: A cross-cultural comparison of the U.S. and Japan (with R.G. Javalgi and B.D. Cutler)

Cross-Cultural Marketing Research in the Twenty-First Century

A Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Approach to Global Market Segmentation: An application using consumers' perceived service quality (with James Agarwal and Ruth Bolton)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A tribute to a legendary international marketing and cross-cultural researcher

John B Ford
Naresh K Malhotra: A legend's approach characterized by integration, breaking new ground and scientific discovery approach

David. A Griffith
Naresh K Malhotra: The theoretical, conceptual and methodological contributions of a legend to international marketing and cross-cultural research

Bodo B Schlegelmilch
Naresh K Malhotra: Highlighting the contributions of a legendary international marketing and cross-cultural researcher

Jeryl Whitelock
Naresh K Malhotra: A truly superlative academic career and seminal contributions to knowledge in international and cross-cultural marketing

Attila Yaprak
Francis M. Ulgado Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

Cross-Cultural and International Reflections of a Most Published Author and a Marketing Legend

Volume Introduction: The seminal and pioneering contributions of Naresh K Malhotra to the marketing of services -- retailing and health care

Charla Mathwick and Neale Martin
A Threshold Model of Store Choice

Modeling of Store Choice Based on Censored Preference Data

Marketing Classic Theater in a Competitive Market of Entertainment (with Mark Peterson)

Experiential Value: Conceptualization, Measurement and Application in the Catalog and Internet Shopping Environment (with Charla Mathwick and Edward Rigdon)

The Effect of Dynamic Retail Experiences on Experiential Perceptions of Value: An internet and catalog comparison (with Charla Mathwick and Edward Rigdon)

Health Care
A Conjoint Analysis Approach to Health Care Marketing and Planning (with Arun Jain)

Stochastic Modelling of Consumer Preferences for Health Care Institutions

Marketing linen services to hospitals: a conceptual framework and an empirical investigation

Market Segmentation and Strategic Growth Opportunities for Hospitals

Hospital Marketing in the Changing Health Care Environment

A Marketing Orientation to Modelling the Hospital Supplier Interface: A probabilistic Approach

Health Care Marketing Warfare

Decision Support Systems for Health Care Marketing Managers

Segmenting Hospitals for Improved Management Strategy

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A Legendary scholar and a gentleman

J Ronald and E Goldsmith
Naresh K Malhotra: Healthcare marketing pioneer and legend

William R and Gombeski, Jr.
Naresh K Malhotra: Seminal contributions to enhancing retailers' understanding of experiential value and store choice

Dhruv Grewal and Anne L Roggeveen
Naresh K Malhotra: A true icon of marketing and a true legend

Peter McGoldrick
Charla Mathwick Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

Modeling the Retailing Insights of a Legendary Researcher

Neale Martin Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

A Health Care Marketing Pioneer, Most Published Author and Legend

Volume Introduction: Dr. Malhotra: a marketing legend and a dedicated and nurturing mentor

Gina L. Miller
Ethics Publications
Ethical Issues in Marketing Managed Care (with Gina Miller)

An Integrated Model for Ethical Decisions in Marketing Research (with Gina Miller)

Social Responsibility and the Marketing Educator: A Focus on Stakeholders, Ethical Theories and Related Codes of Ethics (with Gina Miller)

Ethics in Marketing Research: Current Issues and Suggested Guidelines (with James Agarwal)

Quality of Life
Comparative Marketing Measures of Societal Quality of Life: Substantive dimensions in 186 Countries (with Mark Peterson)

Country Quality of Life and Foreign Direct Investments (with Mark Peterson and Judy Wagner)

Global Marketing: Quality of life in OECD countries (with Mark Peterson)

Country Segmentation Based on Objective Quality-of-Life Measures (with Mark Peterson)

Consumer Well Being and Quality of Life: An Assessment and Directions for Future Research

The Project Method Approach: An integrated teaching tool in marketing research (with Armen Taschian and Arun Jain)

Designing an International Marketing Research Course: Framework and content integrating technology in marketing education: perspective for the new millennium

Integrating Internet Technology in Marketing Research Education (with Ashutosh Dixit and Can Uslay)

Chalkboards to Cybercources: The internet in marketing education (with Angeline Close and Ashutosh Dixit)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: A commentary on his integrated model of marketing research ethics

Shelby D. Hunt
Naresh K Malhotra: A socially responsible legend

O C Ferrell
Naresh K Malhotra: A giant legend among marketing legends

M. Joseph Sirgy
Naresh K Malhotra: The contributions to ethics of a marketing legend

Scott Vitell
Gina L. Miller Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

The Social Responsibility of a Legendary Researcher and Educator

Volume Introduction: Break-through contributions to the interface of 'Management Information Systems, Technology and Marketing'

Sung Kim and Alka V Citrin
MIS Adoption and Use
Internet Users' Information Privacy Concerns (IUIPC): The construct, the scale and a causal model (with Sung Kim and James Agarwal)

Predicting System Usage from Intention and Past Use: Scale issues in the predictors (with Sung Kim)

A Longitudinal Model of Continued IS Use: An Integrative View of Four Mechanisms Underlying Post-Adoption Phenomena (with Sung Kim)

Two Competing Perspectives on Automatic Use: A theoretical and empirical comparison (with Sung Kin and Sri Narasimhan)

Common Method Variance in IS Research: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches and a Reanalysis of Past Research (with Sung Kim and Ashutosh Patil)

Technology and Marketing
Why Developing Societies Need Marketing Technology

The Integration of Microcomputers in Marketing Research and Decision Making (with Armen Tashchian and Essam Mahmoud)

The Marketing of Technology Oriented Products and Services: An integration of marketing and technology (with Alka Citrin and G. Shainesh)

Unique Marketing Challenges at the Frontiers of Technology: An integrated perspective (with Can Uslay and Alka V. Citrin)

Technology Transformation and Purposed Play: Model development and implications for high tech product development (with Timothy M. Quey)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Naresh K Malhotra: Legendary contributions to the confluence of technology, globalization and marketing

Rajdeep Grewal
Naresh K Malhotra: Multifarious contributions to information systems of an eminent scholar

Ram Narasimhan
Naresh K Malhotra: A tribute to an interdisciplinary legend

Sridhar Narasimhan
Naresh K Malhotra: His seminal contributions and impact on the information systems field

Detmar Straub
Sung Kim Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

The Pioneering Contributions of a Marketing Legend to Management Information Systems

Alka Citrin Interviews Naresh K Malhotra

The Technological Orientation of a Marketing Legend


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