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Legends in Marketing: Kent B. Monroe

Legends in Marketing: Kent B. Monroe

First Edition
Seven Volume Set
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Marketing (General)

July 2011 | 2 311 pages | SAGE India
The Legends in Marketing series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of marketing in the past 100 years. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, which is supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars about their work.

The series comprises various sets, each focused on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This third set in the series, consisting of 7 volumes, is a tribute to Professor Monroe, known as one of the Deans of Pricing teaches among other areas, Pricing Strategy, Tactics, Marketing Management and Research Method. His research areas include Behavioural Pricing and Consumer Shopping Behavior.

This set includes:

1: Processing of Price Information
2: Comparative Price Advertising
3: The Price-Quality-Value Relationship
4: Price Fairness
5: Research in Consumer Behavior
6: Models, Theory, and Methods
7: Pricing Management and Practice
Set Introduction

Jagdish N Sheth
Volume Introduction

Chezy Ofir
The Beginning: Adapting Psychophysics to Study How Price Information Is Processed
The Information Content of Prices: A preliminary model for estimating buyer responses

The Concept of Price Limits and Psychophysical Measurement: A Laboratory Experiment (with M Venkatesan)

Measuring Price Thresholds by Psychophysics and Latitudes of Acceptance

Psychophysics of Prices: A reappraisal

The Influence of Adaptation Levels On Subjective Price Perceptions (with Albert J Della Bitta)

Identifying the Domain of Behavioral Pricing Research
Buyers' Subjective Perceptions of Price

Buyers' Subjective Perceptions of Price: An update of the evidence (Susan M Petroshius)

Contextual Influences on Price Perceptions
Objective and Subjective Contextual Influences on Price Perceptions

Contextual Influences on Subjective Price Perceptions (with Albert J Della Bitta and Susan L Downey)

Automatic Construction and Use of Contextual Information for Product and Price Evaluations (with Rashmi Adaval)

The Effects of Framing Price Promotion Messages on Consumers' Perceptions and Purchase Intentions (with Shih-Fen Chen and Yung-Chien Lou)

The Influence of Price Differences and Brand Familiarity on Brand Preferences

Processing Price Information: Incorporating Memory and Numerical Cognition Issues
Recall versus Recognition as a Measure of Price Awareness (with Christine Powell and Pravat Choudhury)

Remembering versus Knowing: Issues in Buyers' Processing of Price Information (with Angela Y Lee)

Memory-Based Store Price Judgments: The role of knowledge and shopping experience (with Chezy Ofir, Priya Raghubir, Gili Brosh and Amir Heiman)

Effects of Learning and Choice Task Goals on Price Recall Accuracy and Confidence Judgments (with Tridib Mazumdar)

The Effects of Buyers' Intentions to Learn Price Information on Price Encoding (with Tridib Mazumdar)

Do Consumers Process Prices Like Numbers: Comparative judgments of numerals and prices (with Lan Xia)

A Re-examination of Frequency-Depth Effects in Consumer Price Judgments (with Ashok K Lalwani)

Perspective of other Scholars
Vicki Morwitz,

Eesha Sharma

Russell Winer

Gilles Laurent

Marc Vanhuele

Chezy Ofir interviews Kent Monroe
Processing Price Information: Some Key Questions
Volume Introduction by Albert J Della Bitta

Albert J Della Britta
Extending the Reference Price Concept
The Influence of Comparative Price Advertisements on Patronage Behavior (with Albert J Della Bitta)

A Multivariate Analysis of the Perception of Value from Retail Price Advertisements (with Albert J Della Bitta)

Consumer Perceptions of Comparative Price Advertisements (with Albert J Della Bitta and John M McGinnis)

Effects of Shopping Information on Consumers' Responses to Comparative Price Claims (with Edward A. Blair and Judy Harris)

Examining the Effects of Contextual Information
The Effects of Contextual Cues on Korean Consumers' Perceptions of Comparative Price Advertisements (with Soeun Hyun)

Context Setting and Comparative Price Advertising Effects on the Acceptable Price Range (with Robert I Roundtree)

Extensions to Online Marketing
The Effect of Computer Anxiety on Price Value Tradeoffs in the Online Environment (with Rajneesh Suri, Julie Lee and Rajesh Manchanda)

Price Communications in Online and Print Coupons: An Empirical Analysis (with Rajneesh Suri and Srinivasan Swaminathan)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Edward A Blair

Larry D Compeau

Ram Krishnan

Albert J Della Bitta Interviews Kent Monroe
Comparative Price Advertising: Some key questions
Volume Introduction

Dhruv Grewal and Anne Roggeveen
Price (and Other Cues)-Quality-Value
The Effect of Price on Subjective Product Evaluations (with R Krishnan)

The Influence of Price on Product Perceptions and Product Choice

The Effect of Brand and Price Information on Subjective Product Evaluations (with William B Dodds)

The Effect of Price, Brand Name and Store Name on Buyers' Perceptions of Product Quality: An integrative review (with Akshay R Rao)

A Research Program for Establishing the Validity of the Price-Quality Relationship (with William B Dodds)

The Effects of Price, Brand and Store Information on Buyers' Product Evaluations (with William B Dodds and Dhruv Grewal)

The Role of Country of Origin Information on Buyers' Product Evaluations: An in-depth interview approach (with Wai kwan Li)

The Effects of Country of Origin, Brand and Price Information: A cognitive-affective model of buying intentions (with Wai kwan Li and Darius K-S Chen)

Price and Customers' Perceptions of Value

Decomposing Perceived Value
Decomposing Perceived Product Value

The Effects of Price-Comparison Advertising on Buyers' Perceptions of Acquisition Value, Transaction Value and Behavioral Intentions (with Dhruv Grewal and R Krishnan)

Framing Effects on Buyers' Subjective Product Evaluations (with Joseph Chapman)

Moderating Variables
The Moderating Effect of Prior Knowledge on Cue Utilization in Product Evaluations (with Akshay R Rao)

The Effects of Time Constraints on Consumers' Judgments of Prices and Products (with Rajneesh Suri)

The Effects of Perceived Scarcity on Consumers' Processing of Price Information (with Rajneesh Suri and Chiranjeev Kohli)

The Role of Prior Affect and Sensory Cues on Consumers' Affective and Cognitive Responses and Overall Perceptions of Quality (with Larry D Compeau, Dhruv Grewal)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Akshay R Rao

Valarie Zeithaml

Joel Urbany

Dhruv Grewal and Anne Roggeveen Interview Kent Monroe

Price-Quality-Value: Some Key Questions

Volume Introduction

Lan Xia
Conceptual Foundations of Price Fairness Research
The Price is Unfair! A Conceptual Framework of Price Fairness Perceptions (with Lan Xia and Jennifer L. Cox)

Perceived Price Fairness: A New Look at an Old Construct (with Marielza Martins)

The Price Is Unfair! Reforming Pricing Management (with Lan Xia)

Extending Price Fairness Research
The Many Routes to Price Unfairness Perceptions (with Lan Xia)

Consumers' Perceptions of the Fairness of Price-Matching Refund Policies (Monika Kukar-Kinney and Lan Xia)

Effects of Consumers' Efforts on Price and Promotion Fairness Perceptions (with Lan Xia and Monika Kukar-Kinney)

The Influence of Price Fairness on Customer Satisfaction: An empirical test in the context of automobile purchases (with Andreas Herrmann, Lan Xia and Frank Huber)

Perceived Price Fairness and Perceived Transaction Value (with Lan Xia)

Price Fairness and Marketing on the Internet
Price Partitioning On the Internet (with Lan Xia)

Promotion Framing Effects on Consumers' Perceptions of Customized Pricing (with Fei Lee Weisstein)

Dynamic Pricing on the Internet: A Price Framing Approach (with Fei Lee)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Sarah Maxwell

Lisa E. Bolton

Margaret Campbell

Lan Xia Interviews Kent Monroe

Price Fairness: Some questions and answers

Volume Introduction by Monika Kukar-Kinney and Nancy M Ridgway

Monika Kukar-Kinney and Nancy M Ridgway
Consumer Buying Behavior
An Expanded Conceptualization and a New Measure of Compulsive Buying (with Nancy M Ridgway and Monika Kukar-Kinney)

Identifying Consumers' Compulsive Buying Tendencies: Lessons Learned for Measuring Consumer-related Phenomena (with Nancy M Ridgway and Monika Kukar-Kinney)

The Relationship between Consumers' Tendencies to Buy Compulsively and Their Motivations to Shop and Buy on the Internet (with Nancy M Ridgway and Monika Kukar-Kinney)

Does Excessive Buying For Self Relate To Spending On Pets? (with Nancy M Ridgway, Monika Kukar-Kinney and Emily Chamberlin)

The Influence of Pre-Purchase Goals on Consumers' Perceptions of Price Promotions (with Lan Xia)

A Path-Analytic Exploration of Retail Patronage Influences (with Joseph P Guiltinan)

Identifying and Analyzing Consumer Shopping Strategies (with Joseph P Guiltinan)

Information Acquisition
The Moderating Effects of Learning Goals and the Acquisition of Product Information on the Limits of Price Acceptability (with Rashmi Adaval)

Consumer Information Acquisition: A Review and Extension (with Lan Xia

The Effect of Unintended Information Acquisition (with Lan Xia)

Beyond Information Search: Browsing as Consumer Information Acquisition (with Lan Xia)

Re-thinking Information Objectivity and Its Effectiveness in Print Communications (with Chung-kue Hsu)

Other Topics in Consumer Behavior
The Impact of the Internet and Consumer Motivation on Evaluation of Prices (with Rajneesh Suri and Mary Long)

The Effects of the Need for Cognition and Trait Anxiety on Price Acceptability (with Rajneesh Suri)

The Framing of Consumer Choices

Risk Perceptions and Risk Acceptability in Consumer Behavior: Conceptual Issues and an Agenda for Future Research (with Janet Oglethorpe)

Determinants of Perceived Health and Safety Risks of Selected Hazardous Products and Activities (with Janet Oglethorpe)

ACR Fellows Address: ACR and Me


Perspectives of Other Scholars
Madhu Viswanathan

Elizabeth Hirschman

Sharon E. Beatty

Monika Kukar-Kinney and Nancy M. Ridgway Interview Kent Monroe

Consumer Behavior Research: Some Key Questions

Volume Introduction

Tridib Mazumdar
Pricing Models
Pricing Decision Models: Recent Developments and Research Opportunities (with Tridib Mazumdar)

Models for Pricing Decisions (with Albert J Della Bitta)

Causes and Consequences of Price Premiums (with Akshay R Rao)

Pricing the Product Line during Scarcity (with Andris A Zoltners)

A Multi-Period Integer Programming Approach to the Product Mix Problem (with Shyam Sunder, W Arthur Wells and Andris A Zoltners)

Theoretical Developments in Marketing and Pricing
A Theoretical Approach for Determining Product Line Prices (with Susan M Petroshius)

Theoretical and Methodological Developments in Pricing

Marketing Thought Task Force, Kent B Monroe, Chair

Developing, Disseminating and Utilizing Marketing Knowledge

Research Methods
Research Methods for Pricing Decisions

A Procedure for Integrating Outcomes Across Studies (with R Krishnan)

Effectiveness of Multiple Request Strategies: A Synthesis of Research Results (with Edward F Fern and Ramon Avila)

Effect Size Estimates: Issues and Problems in Interpretation (with Edward F Fern)

On Replications in Consumer Research

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Russell Winer

Dipankar Chakravarti

S.P. Raj

Tridib Mazumdar Interviews Kent Monroe

Models, Theory and Methods: Some Key Questions

Volume Introduction

Manjit Yadav
Pricing and Marketing Management
Pricing and Sales Promotion

Managing the Pricing Function (with John T Mentzer)

Pricing Practices that Endanger Profits (with Jennifer L Cox)

Some Common Myths Concerning Industrial Pricing

Extending the Concepts of Strategic Pricing

Guidelines for Better Pricing Decisions

Integrating Marketing and Finance
Using Leverage for Developing Pricing Strategies

Marketing Profitability Analysis

Pricing Decisions
New Product Pricing

Product-Line Pricing

Effect of Product Line Pricing Characteristics on Product Evaluations (with Susan M Petroshius)

An Experimental Inquiry into the Effect of Price on Brand Preference (with David M Gardner

Pricing to and through the Channel

Pricing in Separable Channels: The case of parallel imports (with B Rachel Yang and Reza H Ahmadi)

Price Bundling
How Buyers Perceive Savings in a Bundle Price: An examination of a Bundle's transaction value (with Manjit S Yadav)

Consumers Prior Purchase Intentions and Their Evaluation of Savings on Product Bundles (with Rajneesh Suri)

Effect of Consumers' Purchase Plans on the Evaluation of Bundle Offers (with Rajneesh Suri)

Pricing On the Internet
The Pricing of On-Line Services

Pricing on the Internet

Pricing and Public Policy
Some Lessons Learned from F.T.C. versus Staples

What Are the Benefits of Unit Pricing? (with Peter LaPlaca)

Perspectives of Other Scholars
Joseph P Guiltinan

Ruth N Bolton

Thomas T Nagle

Manjit Yadav Interviews Kent Monroe

Pricing Management and Practice: Some key questions


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