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Legends in Marketing: Christian Gronroos

Legends in Marketing: Christian Gronroos

First Edition
Eight Volume Set
Edited by:

January 2014 | 1 968 pages | SAGE India

The Legends in Marketing series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of marketing in the past hundred years. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, which is supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars about their work.
The series comprises various sets, each focused on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This seventh set in the series, consisting of 8 volumes, is a tribute to Dr. Christian Grönroos. One of the fathers of the school of service marketing and management that has internationally been labelled as The Nordic School of thought, Christian Grönroos has came out as the professor with the highest impact in two separate studies about the academic and societal impact of professors in business administration in Finland in 2007.

This set includes:

Volume 1: Service Marketing

Editor: Raymond P Fisk

Volume 2: Service Management

Editor: Bo Edvardsson

Volume 3: Service Logic

Editor: Tore Strandvik

Volume 4: Service Quality

Editor: Larry Crosby

Volume 5: Relationship Marketing

Editor: David Ballantyne

Volume 6: Marketing Theory

Editor: Rod Brodie

Volume 7: Marketing Communication

Editor: Don Schultz

Volume 8: Internal Marketing, Research Approach, and Other Works

Editor: Lars-Johan Lindqvist

VOLUME I: Service Marketing
Volume Introduction: An introduction to Christian Grönroos's Contribution to Service Marketing

Raymond P Fisk
The Marketing of Services

Service Reflections: Service Marketing Comes of Age

Marketing Services: The Case of a Missing Product

A Winning Service Offer in Car Rental (with Hans Åke Sand)

A Relationship Approach to Marketing of Services: Some Implications

Fundamental Research Issues in Services Marketing

Developing the Service Offering-A Source of Competitive Advantage

The Nature of Service Marketing

Seven Key Areas of Research According to the Nordic School of Service Marketing

Innovative Marketing Strategies and Organization Structures for Service Firms

Designing a Long Range Marketing Strategy for Services

An Applied Theory for Marketing Industrial Services

Marketing Services: A Study of the Marketing Function in Service Firms, a Summary of the Research Results in English

A Service-orientated Approach to Marketing of Services

The Service Marketing Confusion and a Service-Oriented Approach to Marketing Planning

Perspectives of Other Scholars

Christian Grönroos: Services Marketing Pioneer, Thought Leader and Legend

Mary Jo Bitner
Service Marketing-Ahead of Its Times, Industry, and Mainstream Marketing

Per Kristensson
He Truly Is a Legend of Marketing

J. Stephen Baron
Raymond P. Fisk Interviews Christian Grönroos

There Is Still Too Much Lip Service to Service Marketing

VOLUME II: Service Management
Volume Introduction: Perspectives on Grönroos' Contributions to Service Management Research and Practice

Bo Edvardsson
Service Productivity: Towards a Conceptualization of the Transformation of Inputs into Economic Results in Services (with Katri Ojasalo)

Servicizing the Customer Relationship: Supporting Customer Value through Customer Relationship Management

Spotlight on Dr Christian Grönroos

The Role of Service Recovery: Administrative, Defensive, and Offensive Management of Service Failures

Designing Service

From Scientific Management to Service Management: A Management Perspective for the Age of Service Competition

Contributions from the Nordic School of Services and Scandinavian Management

Facing the Challenge of Service Competition: The Economies of Service

Scandinavian Management and the Nordic School of Services-Contributions to Service Management and Quality

Service Management: A Management Focus for Service Competition

Principles of Service Management

Managing Service Culture: The Internal Service Imperative

Assessing the Competitive Edge in the New Competition of the Service Economy: The Five Rules of Service

Market-Oriented Management in Service Businesses

Perspectives of Other Scholars

Service Operations and Service Management

Chris Voss
Christian Grönroos: A Visionary Pioneer

Göran Svensson
The Feisty Pioneer of Service Marketing and Management

Jochen Wirtz
Bo Edvardsson Interviews Christian Grönroos

Implementing a Service Perspective on Business Requires Service Management

VOLUME III: Service Logic
Volume Introduction: Service Logic-An Introduction to Christian Grönroos's Contribution to Service Logic

Tore Strandvik
Critical Service Logic: Making Sense of Value and Value Co-creation (with Päivi Voima)

Value Co-creation in Service Logic: A Critical Analysis

Service as Business Logic: Implications for Value Creation and Marketing (with Annika Ravald)

Adopting a Service Logic in Manufacturing: Conceptual Foundation and Metrics for Mutual Value Creation (with Pekka Helle)

Service Logic Revisited: Who Creates Value? And Who Co-creates?

The Interaction Concept and Its Implications for Value Creation and Marketing in Service Businesses (with Tore Strandvik)

Adopting a Service Logic for Marketing

What Can a Service Logic Offer Marketing Theory?

The Value Concept and Relationship Marketing (with Annika Ravald)

New Competition in the Service Economy: The Five Rules of Service

Service Orientation in Industrial Marketing (with Evert Gummesson)

An Applied Service Marketing Theory

Perspectives of Other Scholars

Christian Grönroos: A Genuine Creator of Value

James G Barnes
The Quest to Capture the Service Logic

Anders Gustafsson
Creating Use-Value with Christian Grönroos

Kaj Storbacka
Tore Strandvik Interviews Christian Grönroos: Service Logic Means Taking Responsibility for the Customer's Everyday Practices

Service Logic Means Taking Responsibility for the Customer’s Everyday Practices

VOLUME IV: Service Quality
Volume Introduction: Introduction to Christian Grönroos’s Contribution to Service Quality

Lawrence A. Crosby
Interpretations of Service Marketing Concepts (with Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen and Johanna Gummerus)

The Perceived Service Quality Concept - A Mistake ?

Managing Customer Relationships for Profit: The Dynamics of Relationship Quality (with Kaj Storbacka and Tore Strandvik)

Toward a Third Phase in Service Quality Research: Challenges and Future Directions

How Quality Came to Service and Where It Is Going

Service Quality: The Six Criteria of Good Perceived Service Quality

Quality of Services - Lessons from the Product Sector (With Gummesson, Evert)

Developing Service Quality: Some Managerial Implications

Service Quality Improvement Programs: A Conceptual Analysis

A Service Quality Model and Its Marketing Implications

The Performance Circle Concept—Applying Quality Circles as an Internal Marketing Instrument in the Service Sector

Perspectives of Other Scholars

Conceptualizing and Measuring Perceived Service Quality: The Insights of Christian Grönroos

J Joseph Cronin, Jr.
Putting Service Quality into Perspective: Contributions of Christian Grönroos

Gary L Frankwick
Acknowledging Christian Grönroos and His Contributions to Advancing Service Quality Research

Dwayne Gremler
Larry Crosby Interviews Christian Grönroos

Service Quality Is a Multi-Faceted Phenomenon

VOLUME V: Relationship Marketing
Volume Introduction: The Changing Domain of Relationship Marketing: An Introductory Commentary

David Ballantyne
Return on Relationships: Conceptual Understanding and Measurement of Mutual Gains from Relational Business Engagements (with Pekka Helle)

A Service Perspective on Business Relationships: The Value Creation, Interaction and Marketing Interface

Relationship Marketing as Promise Management

Love at First Sight or a Long-Term Affair? Different Relationship Levels as Predictors of Customer Commitment (with Maria Sääksjärvi, Katarina Hellén, and Johanna Gummerus)

Taking a Customer Focus Back into the Boardroom: Can Relationship Marketing Do It?

Creating a Relationship Dialogue: Communication, Interaction and Value

Relationship Marketing: The Nordic School Perspective

Relationship Marketing: Challenges for the Organization

Value-Driven Relational Marketing: From Products to Resources and Competencies

Relationship Marketing: Strategic and Tactical Implications

Relationship Marketing: The Strategy Continuum

From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Marketing.

Relationship Approach to Marketing in Service Contexts: The Marketing and Organizational Behavior Interface

Marketing Redefined

Perspectives of Other Scholars

Relationship Marketing: A Review of the Scholarly Contribution of Christian Grönroos

Adrian Payne
Christian Grönroos: Architect of Truth

Michael Saren
Christian Grönroos: A Personal Appreciation

Richard Varey
David Ballantyne Interviews Christian Grönroos: Relationship Marketing will be Important for Businesses in Future

Relationship Marketing Will Be Important for Businesses in Future

VOLUME VI: Marketing Theory
Volume Introduction: Marketing Theory—An Introduction to Christian Grönroos’s Contribution to Marketing Theory

Roderick J. Brodie
Marketing as Promise Management: Regaining Customer Management for Marketing

Conclusion: Towards a Contemporary Marketing Theory

On Defining Marketing: Finding a New Roadmap for Marketing

Marketing - A Discipline in Crisis

I Did It My Way

A Crisis in Marketing?

Who Moved My Value? Customers, Not Companies, Create Value (with Lawrence A. Crosby and Sheree L. Johnson)

Contemporary Marketing: A Comparison of Practices in New Zealand, Scandinavia and Thailand (with Roderick J. Brodie and Tiina Helenius)

Comment on “Nordic Perspectives on Relationship Marketing” (with Evert Gummesson and Uolevi Lehtinen)

The Rise and Fall of Modern Marketing—and Its Rebirth

Quo Vadis, Marketing? Toward a Relationship Marketing Paradigm

The Marketing Strategy Continuum: Toward a Marketing Concept for the 1990s

Defining Marketing: A Market-Oriented Approach

Perspectives of Other Scholars

What—Really—Is Marketing?

Richard Brookes and Vicki Little
Christian Gronroos -Well Known and Widely Read

Michael J Baker
Balancing Scientific Truth and Problem-Solving

Michael Kleinaltenkamp
Roderick J. Brodie Interviews Christian Grönroos

Service Logic, Customer Relationship, and Promise Management Can Reinvent Marketing

VOLUME VII: Marketing Communication
Volume Introduction: The Light from a Northern Star—An Introduction to Christian Grönroos’s Contribution to Marketing Communication

Donald E. Schultz
Rethinking Marketing Communication: From Integrated Marketing Communication to Relationship Communication (with Åke Finne)

Four Dimensions of Value in Branding: The Brand Value Process from Value Proposition to Value Fulfilment (with Kirsti Lindberg-Repo)

Managing Brand Relationships and Image

Conceptualising Communications Strategy from a Relational Perspective (with Kirsti Lindberg-Repo)

The Relationship Marketing Process: Communication, Interaction, Dialogue, Value

Managing Total Integrated Marketing Communication

Word-of-Mouth Referrals in the Domain of Relationship Marketing (with Kirsti Lindberg-Repo)

INTEGRATED Marketing Communications: The Communications ASPECT of Relationship Marketing (with Kirsti Lindberg-Repo)

Perspectives of Other Scholars

The Earth Moved

Gayle Kerr
My Journey with Christian Grönroos: The Seasoned Navigator and Integrated Spirit

Kirsti Lindberg-Repo
Christian’s Contributions Provide Food-for-Thought to Marketing Scholars

Philip J. Kitchen
Key Intersections in IMC and Relationship Marketing: A Tribute to Christian Grönroos

Sandra Moriarty and Thomas R. Duncan
Don Schultz Interviews Christian Grönroos

Digital Social Media Don’t Change Marketing Communication

VOLUME VIII: Internal Marketing, Research Approach, and Other Works
Volume Introduction: An Introduction to Christian Grönroos’s Contribution to Service Management

Lars-Johan Lindqvist
On Christian Grönroos's Scholarly Approach

I Did It My Way

The Emergence of the New Service Marketing: Nordic School Perspectives (With Gummesson, Evert)

Internal Marketing—A Relationship Perspective (with Päivi Voima)

Developing Customer-Conscious Employees at Every Level: Internal Marketing (with William R. George)

Internal Marketing (with Fran F. Crompton, William R. George, and Matti Karvinen)

Internal Marketing - Theory and Practice

Internal Marketing - An Integral Part of Marketing Theory

Other Publications

How Does Language Matter for Services? Challenges and Propositions for Service Research (with Jonas Holmqvist)

The Hybrid Consumer: Exploring the Drivers of a New Consumer Behavior Type (with Hanna Ehrnrooth [Leppänen])

Transforming a Manufacturing Firm into a Service Business

The NetOffer Model: A Case Example from the Virtual Marketspace (with Fredrik Heinonen, Kristina Isoniemi, and Michael Lindholm)

Internationalization Strategies for Services

Motivating Your Patients: Marketing Dental Services (with Kai Masalin)

Industrial Marketing under Employee Participation

The Need for a System for an Extensive Information Analysis of Specific Marketing Decisions

Perspectives of Other Scholars

An essay on Christian Grönroos's Contributions through the Lenses Provided by Richard Normann's Work

Mikael Paltschik and Rafael Ramirez
Generating Nordic School Marketing Theory

Evert Gummesson
Christian Brought Service Marketing Thinking into Marketing Paradigm

Philip Kotler
Lars-Johan Lindqvist Interviews Christian Grönroos

Internal Marketing Has Not Evolved as Much as I Would Have Expected”


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