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Learning to Lead Together

Learning to Lead Together
The Promise and Challenge of Sharing Leadership

Edited by:
  • Janet H. Chrispeels - Ph.D., certified clinical psychologist, professor Emeritus, Faculty of Human Sciences, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Ontario and Founder and President of the Ottawa Institute for Obj

June 2004 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Learning to Lead examines the dilemmas principals face in engaging teachers in shared leadership. The text makes a contribution to the field of educational leadership, administration, and leader preparation through cases and the description of professional development initiatives to prepare pre-service principals and administrators for shared leadership. Authors from the United States, England, and Australia present a broad brushstroke of principals sharing leadership through original field-based research, set within a theoretical framework of democratic schooling.

Features and Benefits:

} the text covers a timely topic. This is the first text to explore the importance of principals sharing and distributing leadership. Until recently, most of the focus has been on teachers and collaborative leadership building.

} through real-life single and multiple case studies, the text addresses how principals and their staff's struggle with the challenge of shared leadership, and how they attain some of the promise leading to teacher growth and development, as well as to higher levels of student learning.

} the cases in the text provide pre-service principals and administrators with excellent examples of the real-life applications of various theoretical concepts.

} a variety of models and approaches of shared and distributed leadership are presented in school, district, and regional contexts, allowing students to see the commonalties that these settings share, as well as the differences between them.

The text discusses strategies that principals use to share leadership and the impact that those strategies have on teachers, school culture, and learning opportunities for students.

Examples of preparation programs and the support that teachers want, if shared leadership is to be effectively implemented to meet student needs, provide future principals with the tools and insight that they need to be successful.

About the Editor
About the Contributors
Part I: Providing the Context
Janet H. Chrispeels
1. The Dynamics of Sharing and Distributing Leadership
Part II: Case Studies of Principals Sharing Leadership
Peggy H. Burke and Mary Cavalier
2. Changing the Culture of a Middle School: A Narrative Examination of a New Principal's Implementation of Shared Leadership
Vishna A. Herrity and Pat Morales
3. Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Collaboration
David Burke and Ian Mitchell
4. Reflections on Practice: An Administrator's 16-Year Journey to Promote Teacher Leadership and Learning
Kathleen J. Martin and Janet H. Chrispeels
5. A Middle School Strives to Achieve Team Leadership Through Opposition and Uncertainty
Shiou-Ping Shiu, Janet H. Chrispeels and Robin Endacott Doerr
6. Evolving Roles and Sharing Leadership: The Path of One Leadership Team
Part III: Cross-Case Studies of Shared Leadership
Maureen Yep and Janet H. Chrispeels
7. Sharing Leadership: Principals' Perceptions
Peggy H. Burke
8. Lessons Learned About Sustainable Results in Urban Middle Schools:
Four Principals and Their Reflection on the Process of Change
Deborah H. McDonald and John L. Keedy
9. Principals Conceptualize the Development of Teacher Leaders: A Cross-Case Study of Shared Leadership in High-Poverty Kentucky Schools
S David Brazer
10. Principal Choice and Teacher Participation in Site-Based Management: Four Schools Implement One Policy
Alma Harris
11. Successful Leadership in Schools Facing Challenging Circumstances: No Panaceas or Promises
Part IV: Preparing School Leaders for Shared Leadership
David Frost and Judy Durrant
12. Supporting Teachers' Leadership: What Can Principals Do? A Teacher's Perspective From Research
Joseph I. Castro
13. Promoting Leadership Development and Collaboration in Rural Schools
Edwin M. Bridges
14. Problem-Based Learning and Its Role in Preparing School Leaders for Collaboration
Part V: Conclusions
Janet H. Chrispeels
15. Sharing Leadership: Learning From Challenge - Aiming Toward Promise
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