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Learning Disability

Learning Disability
Theory to Practice

First Edition
  • S. P. K. Jena - Professor, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Delhi

August 2013 | 294 pages | SAGE India
In spite of their average or even above-average intelligence and conventional classroom experience, a large number of children suffer from learning disabilities. Failing to cope with the academic demands of the school, many of them drop out at an early age. This deprives them of many opportunities in life that a literate person enjoys.

In this context, this book serves two major objectives: it provides up-to-date information to the readers on theories and current practices in remediation of learning disability, and demonstrates the therapeutic effectiveness of two major techniques of intervention, namely, cognitive behaviour therapy and computer-assisted instruction, through a series of case studies. Thus, it bridges the theory–practice gap originating out of the difference between fundamental research and its actual implementation and places the treatment programmes on a firmer scientific footing by validating them empirically.
Foreword C R Mukundan


Brain and Neurodiversity: From Laboratory to Classroom

Reading Disability

Writing Disability

Mathematical Disability

Information-processing Approach

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Computer-assisted Instruction

The Experiment


Case Studies: Assessment and Intervention



Overview and Future Directions



Reader Feedback Form



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