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International Relations

International Relations
Theory and Practice

Edited by:
  • Nirmal Jindal - Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Satyawati College, University of Delhi.
  • Kamal Kumar - Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Shivaji College, University of Delhi, Delhi
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October 2020 | 496 pages | SAGE Texts

This textbook is meant for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Political Science and International Relations

International Relations: Theory and Practice critically analyses the evolution and changing nature of international relations as a discipline. It examines India’s emergence as a major power in the 21st century, its strategic significance and its changing role in the international system. A must-have companion for all students of Political Science and International Relations, this new text provides the often marginalised Global South perspective on the issues and developments in international relations.

Key Features:

• Provides a holistic perspective covering International history, the Third World along with changing dimensions of India's foreign polic

• Critically explores theoretical complexities of Marxism, Feminism and Neo-Liberalism in the Global South

• Includes pedagogically rich content, which closely follows UGC course curriculum guidelines for the subject

Foreword by Veena Kukreja
Ankit Tomar
Studying the Discipline of International Relations
Manisha Chaurasiya
History and IR: Emergence of the International State System
Shilpi Singh
International World Order: Before and After the Peace of Westphalia
Ritambhara Malaviya
Realism and Neo-Realism
Arvind Kumar
Liberal and Neo-Liberalism
Nirmal Jindal
Marxist and Neo-Marxist Approaches
Feminist Perspective in International Relations
Shailza Singh
Nirmal Jindal
Kautilya’s Realpolitique
Virendra Kumar
Eurocentrism and Perspectives from Global South
Ajay Kumar
World War I: Causes and Consequences
Sangit Sarita Dwivedi
Bolshevik Revolution
Sidharth Raimedhi
Rise of Fascism and Nazism in Europe
Bhargavi Charan
World War II: Causes and Consequences
Nirmal Jindal
Cold War: Different Phases and Divergent Perspectives
Neha and Jayshree Kundal
Collapse of the USSR and the End of the Cold War
Vijay Kumar Yadav
Emerging Centres of Power with Special Reference to India
Jayshree Kundal
Emergence of Third World in the International Relations
Shaivya Verma
Understanding Forced Migration and Security: Theories and Concepts
Nirmal Jindal and Kamal Kumar
India’s Foreign Policy: A Journey from Non-Alignment to Multi-Alliances

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ISBN: 9789353883454