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From Secrets to Policy

Ninth Edition

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April 2022 | 624 pages | CQ Press
Mark M. Lowenthal’s trusted guide is the go-to resource for understanding how the intelligence community’s history, structure, procedures, and functions affect policy decisions. In the fully updated Ninth Edition of Intelligence, the author addresses cyber security and cyber intelligence throughout, expands the coverage of collection, comprehensively updates the chapters on nation-state issues and transnational issues, and looks at foreign intelligence services, both large and small.
Chapter 1 • What Is “Intelligence”?
Chapter 2 • The Development of U.S. Intelligence
Chapter 3 • The U.S. Intelligence Community
Chapter 4 • The Intelligence Process—A Macro Look: Who Does What for Whom?
Chapter 5 • Collection and the Collection Disciplines
Chapter 6 • Analysis
Chapter 7 • Counterintelligence
Chapter 8 • Covert Action
Chapter 9 • The Role of the Policy Maker
Chapter 10 • Oversight and Accountability
Chapter 11 • The Intelligence Agenda: Nation-States
Chapter 12 • The Intelligence Agenda: Transnational Issues
Chapter 13 • Ethical and Moral Issues in Intelligence
Chapter 14 • Intelligence Reform
Chapter 15 • Foreign Intelligence Services