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Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Management

First Edition
  • Rajat K. Baisya - Professor and Head (Retd.), Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
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February 2020 | 360 pages | SAGE Texts
This textbook provides comprehensive coverage of all the key activities and issues of supply chain and logistics functions as an integrated discipline. 

Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Management imparts knowledge of designing effective development and management of the supply chain network, which is an invaluable source of sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace. In the contemporary scenario, demand is difficult to predict and the supply chain needs to be more flexible and customer-focused. The book contains short practical cases to explain the decision-making process with respect to manufacturing decisions and inventory management, both of which are critical for supply chain performance. It covers the complexities and challenges of warehousing, channel distribution and transportation, global logistics value chain management, and performance management. The book also deals with topics such as performance management matrix and maturity models.   

Key Features:

• Case studies designed to derive key insights into sustainability issues in the supply chain function and their role in enhancing value delivery                       

• Discusses the challenges and complexities of setting up distribution channels and functions in the Indian market                    

•Dedicated content on value chain analysis of the global supply chain and key challenges for global logistics operators 

Foreword by Bojan Rosi
Understanding the Supply Chain: The Core Concepts
Evolution of Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Demand Estimation in a Supply Chain
Warehousing and Distribution Management: Complexity and Challenges
Managing Inventory for Satisfying Customer Demand
Total Logistics Cost Management for Competitive Advantage
Global Logistics Value Chain Management
Supply Chain Performance

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ISBN: 9789353286651