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Identity, Society and Transformative Social Categories

Identity, Society and Transformative Social Categories
Dynamics of Construction, Configuration and Contestation

First Edition
  • Debal K. SinghaRoy - Professor of Sociology, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

July 2018 | 272 pages | SAGE India

Identity is central to the understanding of human social, cultural, and political expressions. In recent times, it has become a major topic for intellectual discourse to represent the processes of dynamic social change and transformation such as the expansion of information and communication technology (ICT); social and mass media; education; and economic globalization. Organized into seven chapters, Identity, Society, and Transformative Social Categories: Dynamics of Construction, Configuration, and Contestation provides an in-depth presentation of the conceptual formulations of the essence, construction, and transformation of identities. A highlight of the book is its coverage of the process of rejuvenation of identities of the indigenous people of Australia in the context of the national policy of reconciliation and development. It comprehensively answers the myriad questions that are commonly raised on identity and its various facets. 

Dynamics of Identity: Essence, Construction and Transformation
Identity, Social Movements and Collective Mobilisations: Dynamics of Transformation and Reconfiguration
Peasant, Caste, Class and Identity: Contesting Marginality
Environment, Development and Indigenous People’s Identity: Annihilation, Reconciliation and Resistance in Australia
Globalization, ICTs, Networks, Work, Culture and Identity: Reflexivity in an Emerging Knowledge Society
Ethnicity, Nationality, Citizenship and Identity: Accelerated Binaries and Complementarity of Differences
Partition, Alienhood, Migration and Shaping Up of an Indian Identity: The Cost and Joy of Being Patriotic

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