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How to Rule the Internet and Make Money on Every Click

How to Rule the Internet and Make Money on Every Click

  • Seema Gupta - Consultant, trainer, blogger and speaker in the area of digital marketing, and Associate Professor at IIM Bangalore

April 2022 | 252 pages | SAGE Response
Wondering what makes digital entrepreneurs tick?

Want to know how to make money without leaving the comfort of your home? 

No matter what your skill set is, this book directs you to a gateway of financial freedom in the digital world. You will know not only the WHAT but also the WHY and HOW of new age activities such as affiliate marketing and influencer marketing and set out on the path to becoming a digital entrepreneur.
Avenues to Earn Money
Freelancing Your Way to Freedom
Networking as a Freelancer
Affiliate Marketing
Building Blocks for Customer Centricity
Salesmanship in Affiliate Marketing
Product Selection in Affiliate Marketing
Leveraging Affiliate Networks
Learn to Play by SEO Rules
Advanced Practices in Affiliate Marketing
Supplementary Wisdom in Affiliate Marketing
Let’s Talk Influencer Marketing
Influencer Types: Which Is Best?
How to Become an Influencer?
How E-commerce Makes Money
Make Money Via Selling on Amazon
Make Money with Drop Shipping

‘The book is a compelling narrative on the choices people have in the digital world to become entrepreneurs. It not just explains the strategic options but also shows how to attain success in each of the options. It is a befitting book for the digital world.’

Hitesh Motwani
Chief Marketing Officer, Skillopedia

‘The book very well illustrates how any individual could become an affiliate marketer following the step-by-step guide Professor Seema provides here. The main salience of the book is that chapters are organized starting with key essentials and building on ideas in detail. This makes the book easily readable and helps readers achieve these objectives with a very good road map of improving on each level of progression to be a successful Internet marketer.’

Avadhoot Jathar
Partner, Data Science, Kantar Analytics Practice

‘It is another book from Professor Seema which is so current and insightful. It takes you from the why to the how of becoming a master digital entrepreneur. It is a must-have handbook for all who want to take the journey to conquer the world of digital marketing and understand how to leverage it to grow their personal wealth.’

Rahul Sen
Head of Commercial Payments, American Express, Singapore and Thailand

‘Gig economy is growing exponentially. People today want to explore multiple interests and wish to have multiple sources of revenue. The book is the key to unlock the potential of opening up multiple income streams. It is a must-read for those who want more from life. It is a perfect guide for students, influencers and professionals to understand the new-age digital world. It is insightful yet very lucid and simple to read and implement.’

Dr Dwarika Prasad Uniyal
Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean, School of Economics and Finance, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya University

‘The strategic insights in the book, coupled with an actionable road map, make this book a must-read for budding entrepreneurs. The book is very relevant in the context of the digital world. It’s a new-age book which can open doors of financial freedom for its readers!’

Dr Moutusy Maity
Professor (Marketing), IIM Lucknow

‘Digital marketing is a subject which draws attention of all, but still there is a void to get practical inputs. This book not only explains complex topics with simplicity but also keeps the readers glued through its conversational tone. It throws light on various aspects of this new-age profession and broadens the horizon of readers by bringing in more clarity.’

Dr Ajay S. Singh
Director (Finance), Punatsangchhu Hydroelectric Project, Bhutan

‘The book is a must-read in this age of digitization. It is an eyeopener on myriad ways people can become digital entrepreneurs. It shows them a path to start and grow business.’

Dr Ritu Tripathi
Assistant Professor, IIM Bangalore

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